Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a pocky-ish obsession.

This is hardly the entry a real food lover would post but....

Did I fail to mention that I'm obsessed with Pocky?

More accurately, I should say Glico products; Pretz and so on. Actually it's not that I love eating them. I'm not big on snacking or anything. It's just that I am fascinated by all the different bizarre flavours that they come in. The interesting thing is, different countries make their own special flavours. How cool is that?!

Check out my recent findings.

Honestly, taste-wise there was nothing to shout about. The Shark-Fin and Bacon Vegetable flavoured Pretz were just boxes full of MSG and the Lychee and Oolong Tea Pockys were just odd. The only ones which I think were worthy taste-wise were the Mango Pudding and Egg Tart Collons. They were delicious. I have to give credit to the Lychee Pocky though cos I did a smell and taste test on my parents and the only flavour that was recognised was the Lychee.

Besides the Glico stuff, there was also a whole big variety of potato chips I found in Shanghai on my recent trip. I tried the Lay's Cucumber flavour and found it to be really light and refreshing. Definitely worth the try if you're curious how cucumbers and potato chips can taste good put together.

Before I left Shanghai, I spotted some other interesting Pretz flavours such as Peking Duck, Hairy Crab, Sichuan Mala etc. Interesting as they were, I couldn't bear to buy another 60 packets of junk (Each flavour comes in a packet of 12).

Guess those will just have to wait.


  1. May I know where did you bought your Lychee pocky?

    I've been finding high n low for it.
    Seem like it is not selling locally.

  2. Found this flavour in China. I don't think they have this locally.