Sunday, September 14, 2008

australian eats . what I miss most

Whiteapple Café
Shop 11, Regent's Place Shopping Mall

501 George Street (Next to Town Hall Station)

Sydney, NSW

I've had so many enjoyable eats during my trip to Australia this time that I'm not even sure where I should start. Anyhow I decided to go with what I miss the most; green tea cappuccino.

2 days after I returned home, I was scurrying around for a replacement. OChaCha, a green tea themed café at Raffles City Shopping Centre was my first stop. It was already different right from the beginning. For starters, they served a green latte instead of cappuccino which meant that there was more milk. Moreover, they served me a watered down version, skimping on the most vital green tea powder. I left disappointed.

The next day, I found myself at Starbucks ordering a green tea latte. This fared much better than what I had tasted the day before but still wasn't as good as what I've tasted in Sydney. Firstly, it was the larger amount of milk that diluted the taste of the green tea. Secondly, Starbucks uses sugar syrup as a sweetener whereas the green tea cappuccino I had in Sydney was nicely flavoured with honey.

Whiteapple Café is set up with a healthy concept in mind by 2 Koreans. On its menu, one would find mostly green tea products. Besides the delicious green tea cappuccino, there are other green tea beverages on the board although I can't really recall what they are. If you're having a green tea beverage, don't forget to order the pistachio finger to go along as they are great complements. Apparently, the pistachio fingers are brought in daily from a famous Italian café nearby.

They also serve a soft serve yoghurt which is similar to what you can get at Yoguru or Frolick here. I always find the ones here too sweet but Whiteapple's green tea yoghurt is really light and much smoother and finer in texture than the versions here.

I miss the intensity of the green tea powder in the steamed milk, the smoothness and warmth of the green tea cappuccino and the chill of the cold Sydney winter. For now though, I guess I'll have to do with my Starbucks no fat green tea latte with an extra scoop of green tea powder.

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  1. yum yum! i miss lygon street and their italian stuff...cos i used to just live the street in front of it. I'm GLAD you had a fantastic time! i want to see pics soon!