Monday, September 05, 2011

french flair at felix.

2 Ash Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel: +61 (02) 9240 3000

So I just found out that Leo DiCaprio visited Felix last week just like I did. (He's in town to film a new movie called The Great Gatsby and has been spotted dining out at some of Sydney's fine eating spots) Well, I don't have a story to tell about DiCaprio because we weren't there at the same time and I didn't get to see him in person (not yet at least). What I did get, was one great tasting sandwich!

Reuben Sandwich with a Dill Pickle

The first time I ever tried a Reuben was in Charlottesville, Virginia. I was there to attend my brother's graduation and he brought us to a local sandwich cafe, The Carving Board. I ate a few of the best sandwiches of my life there. Since then, I've tried a Reuben burger at The Handburger in Singapore but I haven't really had another good Reuben sandwich out of the US. Felix was a first in a long time and I was impressed. The corned beef made from the silverside of the David Blackmore Wagyu was especially tender and tasty. There was a generous amount of sauerkraut but surprisingly, it wasn't too sour and overpowering as I expected it to be. The gruyere cheese and mustard butter helped to complete and balanced the flavours of the Reuben. The Lobster Roll was superb as well. The sandwich tasted fresh and the addition of the apples helped give some crunch and lightness to the dish.

Lobster Roll

I love Felix. While the food does not blow your mind, it is consistently good. What I love more is the slice of Paris that it brings to the Sydney dining scene. The dining room is one of the prettiest in this city and really gives the diner a sense of being in a French sidewalk bistro. I've been told that the restaurant is reminiscent of the famous Balthazar in NYC so if you've been there, you'll know what I'm talking about. 

I know it's somewhat puzzling as to why a Reuben made its way onto a French bistro menu but hey, I can't complain when the sandwich is as good as this one at Felix. Some of the other memorable dishes that I've had were the Steak Tartare, the Gruyere Souffle and the Ocean Trout Terrine. Below are just some pictures during my first visit.

 Ocean Trout Terrine with Cornichons

Goat's Cheese & Caramelised Onion Tart

Lamb Pie, Sauteed Mushrooms & Tarragon Jus

Insides of the Lamb Pie

Sausage & Beans

Passionfruit Souffle


  1. i def. want to go here.. ive called 2 times and they are booked til 9pm.. i cant have dinner at that time :(

    def. want to try the terriane and reuben!

    omg.. souffle... melts