Monday, February 13, 2006

not my cuppa tea.

The V Tea Room
Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Ave #01-02/24
Tel: 6333 1965

Seems like The V Tea Room has come under some attention lately. The place is packing more people and I've even read some reviews on it. I must admit that it's hard to give this place a miss because it stands out for its decor. There are many tea places around these days but none decorated to make you feel like royalty whilst sipping your tea on a lazy afternoon.

Frankly, I did like the atmosphere mostly cos it was refreshing and a good conversation topic. D & I spent our time there examining the unique china used, chandeliers and talking about victorian furnishings in Singapore homes. Other than that, the menu to me was a mess cos when I opened the large and supposedly impressive menu, I was overwhelmed and decided to leave the ordering to D. There were too many words and they were printed in cursive victorian style. Very pretty but not suitable for reading during sleepy teatime. Just an idea of what it looks like below.

Food wise, the Majesty Queen's tea was ok. D ordered a whisky mud cake which he thought was quite good. A shot of whisky was poured onto the cake when it was served at the table. Quite impressive so far. My order was this very 'wow' sounding strawberry melt cake which was supposedly a cake that's half melted and is usually only available by reservation. This 'by reservation' phrase really got me cos I ended up ordering it. Taste wise, it needed some getting used to. D complained it was too sweet but I'm guessing royalty have a sweet tooth?

All was fine and dandy, we were having fun but when D went to the counter to settle the bill and walked back towards me to tell me the total cost of our bill, my jaw literally dropped. For all the stuff that you see in the pic above, it cost us $54.20!! I could have gone to a decent restaurant to have my freaking dinner! The 'by reservations' melt cake cost a hair-raising $19.50!! I've never had dessert so expensive in my life! D's cake was $15 but it's forgivable for the shot of whisky but mine!!

So that was that. I'm not going back again. Ok maybe just for sipping tea cos the price is still reasonable. But for dessert, our money can go a much much longer way elsewhere.