Tuesday, June 26, 2007

coming soon.

In the midst of some entries from Japan & US.
I'm getting there.
Pls bear with me.

Friday, June 08, 2007

new on the scene.

I'm not doing an advertisement or anything but I heard that a new dessert restaurant, Macaron, is opening its doors today. A new concept in town but it's everywhere overseas so I'm guessing that's where this idea probably came from. I did visit one when I was in New York recently called ChickaLicious (more on this later) and it was fabulous! Wasn't all that expensive also considering you get a 3 course dessert for USD12. The 4 course at Macaron is SGD38! I guess it's not all that fair to make the comparison also considering that it's much easier to get quality produce for desserts in the US.

Let me know if it's worth a visit.

Update: Just found out that Macaron is set up by Les Amis. For more insight on this new establishment, please read here.