Sunday, October 13, 2013


So I've finally pulled off what I've been busily planning for a whole year - I tied the knot! It was a crazy time leading up to it and to be honest, instead of reading up about food, I have spent the whole year getting nose deep in wedding blogs and just checking out pretty pictures that I saw in magazines and the internet. So now that all of that is done and dusted, I've finally bought a new copy of Lucky Peach (hopefully no more Cosmopolitan Bride) and am going to settle into married life slowly.

The exciting thing about getting married (in my opinion at least) is going on a honeymoon and that's where I'm getting to with this post. I just got back from a mini tour of the US and we sure ate our hearts out. In fact, it was an 'eating-moon', not so much of the "honey". In any case, let me get through my photos and hopefully I will have something to share soon. Even if I have no words, I'm sure the pictures will help do the talking.

Sit tight!