Sunday, August 26, 2007

no milk??!

Just got back from an afternoon tea with D at Cedele. I was at AMK after catching a movie and decided to go all the way to VivoCity just for tea. I had intended to visit Corduroy's Cafe since I was having a craving for milk shakes. Actually I had visited previously on a couple of occasions to try their milk shakes and probably because it was always after dinner, I was told at all except one visit that they had ran out. On that one exception where they were still serving milk shakes, I was told they only had vanilla milk shakes left and I had to wait at least an hour for it. So up 'til today, still no milk shakes from Corduroy for me.

I thought today would be different cos I took the effort to travel all the way from the north to the west around 5pm which happened to be tea time and presumably the time where a popular cafe would have a buzzing crowd. Again, I went home empty handed cos they ran out of milk! At 5pm! On a Sunday! Erm... I think the last I checked, Corduroy's Cafe was supposed to have a Milk Bar??! Just because they ran out of milk, almost half the drinks on the menu were unavailable. There were no pies & no quiches. I understand that business is good but after months of business, I thought they should be able to get a gauge of how much their supply should be to meet the demand. If it was late like my other visits, I could understand but I was really a bit put off when they told me that a whole list of things were unavailable at 5pm on a Sunday knowing that their milk shakes are popular!

So I politely told the person at the counter that I was there just for the milk shakes and headed off to Cedele for their delicious soups instead. Am I going to visit again?? As much as I'm inclined to give up visiting, I'm going to say 'yes' just cos I want to know just how good their milk shakes are. The best I've had was at Uberburger because their's was so thick and rich, just like the ones in the US. Sadly, Uber's no longer around. I just hope Corduroy's milk shakes doesn't disappoint. That is of course when I can get a sip of it or rather IF I can get to one day.

Friday, August 17, 2007

are you a flogger??

I attended the Floggers' Dinner last year and had a wonderful time. I was actually quite taken aback cos it's kinda funny how we only knew each other by our blog names but yet we were able to yak non-stop about food for the whole evening! Til today when I share this with my friends, they get appalled at how I managed to have dinner with 17 other "strangers", people whom I've only come to know through their writing but have never met in person. Well, it's all because of one thing, our love and indulgence in good food.

June of Nibbles & Scribbles is doing the honours of organising this year's dinner and I'm sure it's going to be a night of delicious food, great fun and even better company. So if you're a flogger too, sign up now! You can get all the details here.

See you there!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

sushi yoshida . finally

Sushi Yoshida
10 Devonshire Road
Tel: 6735 5014

After several raving reviews from Mia, June & Weylin, I finally paid a lunch time visit to Yoshida on a laid-back Friday (It felt darn good not to be working on a weekday!). It's a pity that I didn't visit earlier when their set lunches were going for $28. After lunch that day, I was really starting to kick myself over "lost" opportunities. The price hike was a little drastic really but understandable I guess. For the food you get, it is pretty priced in now although it really would burn a big hole in my lunch pocket.

For the $38 price tag, you'd get a starter of half-boiled egg with some dashi broth (I think). Simple, yet delicious. Then you'd get a whole list of mains to choose from. D ordered the Sushi Moriawase which looked pretty appetising. He was a little disappointed that day though cos we had a little tasting of Yoshida at a party and he was so impressed. That's partly the reason why we decided to pay the restaurant a visit. He just couldn't forget how great it tasted so he had to satisfy his sushi craving. It's not that it wasn't good; it still was but just not great, so he says. One thing we did agree on was that they make a fabulous tamago. Yoshida's version is of course, freshly made and somehow has this Japanese brown pickle taste. Can't really describe it but you'd have to try it to know what I mean.

After all that recommendation I got from Mia's blog, I had to order the Chirashi. I can now understand why she's so in love with it. The fish was fresh and they certainly were not miserly with their portions. My favourite parts? Biting on my fatty piece of toro and the ikura bursting in my mouth! I have a big thing for ikura cos I really love that sudden burst of saltiness on my tastebuds.

We also had a choice between the miso and clear soup in the set lunch. I chose the clear soup and was pleasantly surprised to find slices of fish in it. That followed by the fresh fruits ended my sumptious lunch on a good note.

I loved the food but honestly still find it a little hefty on the pocket. Afterall, I am used to eating food court after food courts during office hours. Yes, I am a typical desk-bound employee. As sucky as it is, I guess I'd have to put off a second lunch visit to Yoshida to when I'm on leave or when I feel like indulging a little.

Monday, August 13, 2007

lise & ebony . the launch

lise & ebony

I once mentioned on this blog that a close friend of mine made us group of friends a delicious sticky date pudding when we visited her place. It had that flavour which reminded me so much of the good ol' days back in Perth. I also had a couple of opportunites to try some truffles & chocolates she made. I recall one time in Perth where she melted white & milk chocolate, combined them together in swirls with peanut butter and later cut them into bite-sized pieces for a party. Liz always had this thing for 'sweets' and recently decided to put her hands to work with her new online bakery, lise & ebony.

I attended her launch cum tasting party over a week ago. It was fun cos I got to meet old friends and also got to taste a couple of her new items. Her cupcakes were pretty; the carrot cake & tiramisu were yummy but what I felt was noteworthy was her chocolate cake; ebony. Very moist and chocolaty. This is coming from a person who isn't really big on chocolate stuff.

I guess there won't be any more tasting parties since a launch can only happen once. So I say Liz should hold another party in gratitude for all her supporters!

How about that, Liz??