Wednesday, December 10, 2008

in hong kong . macau restaurant

Macau Restaurant
G/F 25 - 27 Lock Road

Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong

Tel: 852 2366 8148

The family made a short visit to Hong Kong over the long weekend to celebrate Bro's birthday. It wasn't like he hit a milestone age or anything. I think it was just a good excuse to have a short break. I had a great time; just as I always do when I'm in HK. It was a welcomed break anyway since it's been quite chaotic at work recently.

We tried a couple of new places this time. We definitely didn't forget the family favourites as well. I've been to the Macau Restaurant at least twice before and both times I tried different things. I knew I had to visit for a third time when Bro started raving about this dish which I can only describe as pure comfort food.

Imagine this.

Minced Beef. Sauteed Onions & Potatoes. Luncheon Meat. Sunny Side-Up.

Mix all of the above in a BIG bowl with rice then plant yourself on the sofa in front of the TV whilst hugging the bowl.

I didn't do that of course even though I wished I did. It was still delicious even though I was seated at a little table in the cha chan teng. I would definitely order this again on my next visit. Next time though, I'd been having one to myself.

We also ordered the Grilled Sardines on Mom's request as she really enjoyed this dish on her last visit. They really do quite a good job with the grilling I must say. The fish was still kept very moist and tender. The sauteed garlic and a splash of lemon juice added a good fragrance to the dish and made it complete.

We also had the Portuguese Chicken which was excellent too. The chicken was tender and the sauce resembled a mild curry but yet it doesn't seem to have any curry powder in it. I could only tell that coconut milk went into the dish to make it rich and creamy. It was really hard to pinpoint what else was in the sauce so I gave up midway and decided to just enjoy its good flavours.

The meal was satisfying even though we didn't have much. We couldn't anyway since it was already 11pm and I had finished my dinner at another cha chan teng just 2 hours earlier. That explains why I couldn't order the Deep Fried Squid even though it's a dish that I adore deeply. The squid is never overcooked and is great with the wasabi mayonnaise that comes with it.

More on that
cha chan teng dinner later.