Sunday, April 18, 2010

a trip back home.

Having been away from Perth since graduation years ago, I finally returned over the Good Friday weekend. When I first booked the flight, many people raised their eyebrows and told me that I would be absolutely bored to death since shops were going to be closed. I guess they just didn't know that Perth meant a lot more to me than they thought.

Returning to Perth reminded me of what I loved about it and made me fall in love with the place all over again; the clear blue skies, the vastness of space, the people, the lifestyle, the townhouse in South Beach which I will probably never live in and of course, the food. To be honest, I'm not sure if the food scene has changed or whether I just have more options now since I'm no longer a poor student. I had loads of great food experiences thanks to ZY who brought me to places he loved. Food is afterall what made us fast friends during uni days in the first place.

I have so much to say but yet not know where to start from.
Let me gather my thoughts before I pen them down. I hope I get to.

In the meantime, get hungry.

*pics courtesy of nommy nom nom..