Thursday, September 21, 2006

gobi . un-happiness in a box

112 East Coast Road
#03-13 Katong Mall
Tel: 6345 2127
Opening Hours: 11am to 8.30pm daily

Have been working crazily for the past 2 weeks cos E was on leave and I had to do some heavy coverage. Haven't had the time to update at all but really really glad that's all over. Towards the end of last week, I was rewarded by E's boss though (probably for the hard work hahaa!). When she placed the beautiful white and pink box on my desk, I got excited immediately cos I saw the word 'Gobi' on the box. I've read about this place earlier from some mag and wanted to try their mini desserts but just never bothered to go down to Katong Mall. Perfect timing I must say. Fulfilled one of my items on the 'want to try' list and at the same time, cured my stress; momentarily at least.

I really meant it when I said 'momentarily' cos I was pretty disappointed when I tasted the cakes. When I first opened the box, I was so happy cos all the cakes looked so beautiful and intricate. When it came to taste though, it didn't go anywhere near the looks department. Even my other 2 colleagues who I invited to share the "treat" felt the same way.

Dark Angel, far left
Not a big fan of chocolate in the first place and the whole cake of doughy and chewy. Supposed to be moist chocolate cake though, according to their website that is.

Smell the Roses, middle

Very corny name cos there was not even a hint of rose scent in this creation. For me, this dessert tasted awfully odd. The purple thing is meringue with lavender infused cream on the tuille. Too sweet for me and odd, of course.

Sweet Somethings, far right
This macaroon wasn't too bad but frankly, how wrong could you go with strawberries and cream?

Cupid, far left
I liked this although the white chocolate casing was too sweet for my liking. The light cheese and kirsch that was piped in was smooth and yummy though.

Love Boat, middle
This was ok too cos I usually like chestnut paste quite a bit. However, something could be done about the dryness.

Opera, far right
This to me was the best one out the whole lot. Yet, it wasn't comparable to any other Opera cakes that I've eaten before.

Pretty cakes isn't it? Almost makes you feel like you don't want to destroy them by gobbling them up. However, the unimpressive tasting plus OTT cheesy names doesn't make it as appealing anymore. I still think though, that it makes a rather good gift. That is, if you just look at it. Talk about happiness in a box... just for a short while. That's my own experience anyway.

I think Gobi needs to find a way to reinvent too cos they only have 6 creations. It's not like those kind of places that makes 6 different ones a day and the menu keeps changing. If they could do that after perfecting their dessert recipes, I think it'd help to bring in more customers in time to come.

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  1. I received a box of Gobi pastry recently from a friend's bb's 1st month celebration. Just like you, I was excited at first, after the first bite.. I was really disappointed. I just hope that I won't receive it again. hehe!