Sunday, February 25, 2007

the donut craze.

Donut Factory
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-61 Raffles City Shopping Center
Tel: 6337 6268

Love is blind. Is that true or false??

Well, it's only because of love that I had the opportunity to finally sink my teeth into a donut from the infamous Donut Factory. Well, Em had quarrelled with her boyfriend and because she casually mentioned about trying the donuts, he spent 4 hours of his afternoon queuing for them to make it up to her. Yup... so I told you, love is blind isn't it?

Truthfully, I feel that the "craze" is only Singapore's response to deprivation and curiousity. We had Dunkin' Donuts around before but I guess they had to close due to poor business. Singaporeans then had to turn to the short supply of Krispy Kremes from friends or family who travelled overseas. Now that Donut Factory's open, people make a beeline for it. Some spend their afternoon off from work to wait in line. I even see queues now at the donut store in Takashimaya which weren't there previously. So the question is, are they really in love with these donuts? Or is it true that Singaporean's favourite pasttime is to stand in line?!

Frankly, the donuts ain't that bad. I didn't heat mine up when I had it but I heard from my colleague that it's delicious eaten warm. The good part about it is unlike Krispy Kreme's, the donuts aren't overbearingly sweet. So if you ask me, I'll definitely want to eat it again. Ask me again if I'd queue hours just to eat it, I'd say I can do without it. Maybe next time, I can wait.


  1. I guess this is a result of combining two of Singaporeans' favourite pastimes, eating and queuing. The herd mentality's one hell of a powerful force. I can't wait (in queue) to try these donuts for myself.

  2. cant really beat krispy kremes tho, right?? well hope you like those mom got you!! :]

  3. I have to agree with you krispy kremes are far too sweet. Even the mildest original glazed gives a sugar high....! Try the lemon cheese donut at the shop in basement takashimaya beside venezia. Think its not too bad and you don't have to queue for hours....Enjoy and keep on blogging~~