Thursday, November 08, 2007

comfort food . 떡볶이

The parents have gone out of town again for a break. Unfortunately, I didn't get to join them this time otherwise I won't be sitting at my computer typing away but busy savouring all the delicious food in Hong Kong or Shenzhen. The parents being away this time suddenly reminded me of a meal I made when they were away the last time. Makes me hungry now that I'm thinking about it and I haven't had lunch!

Hands up those who have tried Korean spicy rice cake!

Those who know me already know I love all things Korean. OK, maybe not EVERY single thing but food I definitely love and this is one dish I really like and is easily available all over Korea. You probably would have tried it if you've visited before.

This dish of course, is like most Korean food, very spicy. Besides the rice cake, the dish had loads of fish cakes and usually a hard boiled egg in it. Locally, I love the version at Togi located on Mosque Street because they mix instant noodles into it as well.

So while the parents were away the last time, I visited a Korean supermarket and picked up a packet of frozen rice cakes. In my haste to get down to throwing everything into the pan, I forgot to take a picture of it but there aren't that many brands so it should be easy to find in case you want to try this at home too. It's easy peasy to put it all together. All I did was to boil the instant noodles, eggs and rice cakes first then mix it altogether with the chilli paste and VOILA! Home-made Korean spicy rice cake!

Now.. I seriously need to think about what I'm having for lunch today.


  1. for a moment, i thought it was mee rebus! korean noodles are always very appetising... :)