Monday, September 08, 2008

tasting @ 2am : dessert bar

2am : dessert bar
21A Lorong Liput

Holland Village

Tel: 65 6291 9727


Time really flies.

About a year ago, I won a lucky draw prize at the food bloggers' dinner; a dessert tasting session for 2 at a newly opened dessert bar. Almost a year later, I'm sitting at the bar counter of 2am Dessert Bar looking at chef owner, Janice and her colleagues at work, carefully creating each plate of dessert and making them into pieces of art.

We started with the Cheese Avalanche, a dessert that's served in a way to display a different texture from the usual cheesecake. It was served together with fruit & nut biscotti, rockmelon and if I remember correctly, a sauce made of dates. I've been staying off cheesecakes for a while now because I always find them too heavy after a meal. This dessert on the other hand, was light, not too sweet and in fact, had a little salty taste which I liked very much. I personally found that eating the cheese with the crispy biscotti and the date sauce was the best way to enjoy it because it provided a really nice texture in the mouth. The 2 pieces of rockmelon didn't do much for me though. In fact, I thought it might have been better if it was replaced by a fruit that had a bit of sourness to it.

The 2nd dessert was Chocolate, a warm chocolate tart served with a blood orange sorbet and salted caramel. I liked this dessert a whole lot although I'm not the greatest fan of chocolate. The bitterness from the nice warm tart went really nicely with the sweetness and the slight sourness from the sorbet. My favourite part though, was the salted caramel. Salted caramel is becoming rather popular as more and more people use it in their desserts. The salted caramel ice cream at Tom's Palette is delicious and worth a try for those who haven't. Back to 2am. Both desserts I really enjoyed and I realised that a lot of attention must have been put in to make sure that there was texture and balanced flavours in each course.

Janice and her team have done really well with this place. The decor is modern and chic, yet at the same time cosy. Those who like to sit and rest comfortably, there are reclining couches to sit on. Those who like to watch the people at work behind the busy counter, a seat at the bar counter would be perfect. If you like it quieter, come in before 10pm as the crowds start to stream in after. The feel totally changes from 10pm. It's somewhat like a transformation from a dessert café to a bar if you know what I mean so I guess Janice definitely got the name of her place right.

I think Singapore needs more places like 2am dessert bar. Not exactly the same thing of course, but something else that marks a spot in our competitive local F & B industry. For now though, I'm hoping that 2am sticks around for a really long time. With their hard work, dedication and creativity, I think they deserve that.

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  1. i heard so much about this place but wasnt sure if it was any good. ok now i want to try. ahhaa.
    where's the sydney stuff!? haha.