Thursday, December 03, 2009

Linda's Home Kitchen on Eat @ 97.2

Mum and bro were invited to do an interview on Love97.2FM to introduce the restaurant and a couple of its signature dishes recently. We've had some visitors to the restaurant after the interview was aired and I'm glad that we've been getting some positive feedback.

The 3 dishes introduced were the Hakka Yam Abacus, Hakka Braised Vinegar Pork & the Nonya Boneless Roast Chicken. Have a listen to the interview if you'd like to find out more! The interview is in Mandarin since 97.2FM is a Chinese radio station so if you do need some help with understanding the interview, I'd be more than happy to translate it to English.


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  2. it's a shock to hear kor to actually speak better chinese than mom. is this the same brother who said he'd never touch chinese again after O levels? hurhur 신기하네..

  3. hello napkin scribbler. you only have one brother.

  4. hahaha!

    proud of u guys. sooks, will talk more on wed. : )