Monday, March 15, 2010

k ki . a little piece of heaven

K ki
7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel: 65 6225 6650


I love having tea and I always love finding the little places to enjoy a cuppa with a loved one.

K ki shares a shop space with The Little Dröm Store and serves up Japanese-inspired pastries. True to its minimalist concept, their cakes are simple, pretty & elegant. I'm not a baker and I don't know how to tell if a mousse has been overbeaten, split or whatever other baking jargon you can think of but I know that the goodness is in its taste.

Both the Kinabaru; a coconut mousse cake with a passionfruit creme centre and the Mona; a chocolate banana mousse cake I tried were good. I did however, prefer the Kinabaru for its contrast in flavours between the rich coconut & the slightly sourish passionfruit. The cake was not overly sweet and the mousse was very light; so light that I almost didn't feel the calories. Prices are a bit on the steeper side if you compare to some other patisseries but it's definitely worth the indulgence.

After speaking with Delphine, co-owner & wife of the baker on the way out, I got to know that her hubby (the baker) is not Japanese and he is totally self-trained! I was utterly impressed because his cakes are so refined and beautifully crafted that it didn't seem like the work of a chef who had never received any culinary training. Apparently he just simply had a passion and liking for Japanese styled pastries. Guess it just goes to show that one must have passion in order to do their job well and if you love your job, you'll feel like you've never worked a day!

I think I just found my new little piece of heaven.

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