Tuesday, July 27, 2010

random teevee thoughts.

Since arriving in Sydney almost 2 weeks ago, I've been glued to Masterchef Australia. Now that that's over, I don't know what I should watch at 7.30pm everyday! Masterchef has been a great platform for those with foodie dreams. Meeting those people who are well respected in the food industry, learning from a few of the best and having the space to display one's culinary flair is what makes the show the phenomenon that it is.

I'm extremely proud that Adam who has Malaysian/Singaporean roots won this year's Masterchef! I guess his roots and life experiences are what gave him the extra perspectives needed for his creativity in the kitchen. And he's ANOTHER lawyer who cooks! Back in Singapore, there are people like Willin Low, Michael Han who were trained as lawyers but ended up pursuing their careers in the kitchen. Just makes me wonder whether there's any correlation between law and food?

I've also been watching Jamie's Revolution where he takes on a huge project by changing the school meal programs in West Virginia, the unhealthiest city in the US. I really take my hat off this guy because he's doing so much for something that he just believes in. It's also shocking to see the junk that's in the processed foods that people eat, how schools in US serve pizza for breakfast to young kids and how pizza meets the bread requirement in the US school meal guidelines. Something obviously needs to be changed.