Thursday, September 16, 2010

the hunt for the best chai latte.

I've been quite hooked on chai lattes recently after having a really good one at some food court near the Rocks. Never used to like it before honestly. I've tried quite a number from different cafes and takeaway stands so I've had a fair share of ok ones and some really bad ones.

Starbucks, George St - FAIL
d'ough ESPRESSO, World Square - OK
Workshop Espresso, George St - YUM
Tom N Toms, Bathurst St - FAIL
Some food court near the rocks - YUM
Taste Baguette, Sydney Uni - OK
Parma Cucina & Bar, Sydney Uni - OK
Danks St Depot, Sydney Intl Airport - OK

and the list continues...

If you're a chai latte fan like me, drop me a note to let me know where I can get a chai latte that will knock my socks off, be it in Sydney or Singapore!


  1. Starbucks Soy Chai Tea Latte. You missed the Soy Milk

  2. Try the chai latte in Badde Manors, Glebe. Strong spice flavours - even better with soy milk..