Wednesday, June 29, 2011

london eats: borough market

Borough Market
8 Southwark St
London, SE1 1TL

If you want some of that, you would have to make a trip to Borough Market when you're in London. That is of course if hot melted cheese is your thing as much as it is mine.

Melted raclette cheese was delicious over steaming hot potatoes with the little accompanying gherkins. I really loved those old school gadgets that were melting the cheese and for a moment when I was in line, I wished I was the lady who was scrapping the cheese on to the plate. It sure looked like fun to me.

This stall also sells a smacking delicious grilled cheese sandwich which you MUST have. If there's only one of you, get in one line after the next cos this is too good to be passed up. Again of course, if melted cheese on toasted bread is your thing as much as it is mine.

There are loads more to eat and shop for at and around the Borough Market. Duck rillettes sandwiches, delicious curries (great in the cold especially if you're craving for some rice), crispy fish and chips, cheeses, cookies, olives, cured meats and so much more!

I love markets and especially at one like Borough Market, I felt like I was a kid in a candy store. I think apart from looking at the fresh produce and tasting the yummy treats whilst standing on the side of the street, the best part about visiting a local food market is just the experience of a slice of a local's life. That I definitely got from the London lunchtime crowd that day. Great experience and one that I hope to have again when I return next.

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