Saturday, January 11, 2014

A brush with Boston.


I'm not a sporty kinda person I'll admit. However, I've definitely watched my fair share of football matches, basketball playoffs, the Olympics etc. On the telly, that is. I have never watched a professional game live (I think) except for probably once at a golf event. That was probably it. 

With us headed to New York, R planned for a quick stop in Boston just to watch his favourite baseball team, the Red Sox, play. Afterall, they were on a winning streak (we watched the last match of the regular season). Watching them play and hitting the home runs was an amazing experience; once in a lifetime probably. Just being in the legendary Fenway Park grounds was exciting in itself. I was suddenly the crazy sports fan, screaming, singing along to Sweet Caroline and snapping up all sorts of Red Sox memorabilia. It was quite astonishing how much of that energy of just being in a stadium full of baseball fans could rub off on me. Plus I almost felt proud as everyone in the stadium stood up to sing The Star-Spangled Banner in unison. It's hard for Americans to not be patriotic especially if you're a sports fan really.

The Red Sox won that game of course and we were right there to witness it as they went on to win the World Series eventually. And I got to score some pretty awesome grub.

Italian Sausage Hotdog

Deep Fried Clams

Cracker Jack

Take me back to the ball park!


  1. The clams look awesome. I think the best way to convince me to watch any sport would be the promise of game snacks. Haha.

    1. Could not agree with you more! Plus it's a great excuse to drink a copious amount of fizzy drinks! :p

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