Monday, November 24, 2014

LuMi Bar & Dining

LuMi Bar & Dining
56 Pirrama Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Tel: +61 (02) 9571 1999

I'm just going to state it upfront - I like LuMi.

It's a perfect restaurant for a date night; not to stuffy and located right by the wharf for that nice little stroll right after (or before) dinner. It's a great restaurant to enjoy a good night out with close friends. It's even family oriented. A girlfriend was raving about how well her little 2 year old was so well taken care of on the night she dined there. But none of this would matter if the food wasn't good.

LuMi only serves a degustation menu but it's probably the best way to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Dinner started with some little snacks. The braised oxtail croquette was the best of the lot and whilst I liked the cheesy egg custard, I wished it was served warmer.

Italian Chawanmushi

Potato Focaccia, Braised Oxtail Croquette, Cheddar Sablee

The following dishes all hit the spot and were seasoned perfectly. Out of all the mains, I found the 2 pasta dishes to be the most outstanding. There was a ton of flavour in both dishes. The pastas were made excellently and cooked to a perfect al dente. The only shame here was that the portions were too small because I could have easily finished up double portions of the pasta courses.
Sand Crab
Dulse, Jerusalem Artichokes, Oyster Powder

Spelt Ravioli
Burnt Butter, Pumpkin, Sea Urchin, Chives

Stinging Nettle Chitarra
 Mussel Cream, Crispy Pork, Fennel Pollen

Roasted Potatoes & Bonito Consomme

Pig Jowl
Buckwheat, Celeriac

I've always loved the flavour of sorrel used in desserts. It oddly reminds me of eating mangosteens somewhat. It's a no brainer that I enjoyed the first dessert out of the 2. The dish made up of sorrel, lemon basil and mint did extremely well to cleanse the palate after the rich flavours that were served from the start of the meal. The Milk Ice Cream didn't do too badly either - the milk ice cream itself was luscious and perfectly creamy.

Sorrel, Lemon Basil, Mint, Shiso, Parsley

Milk Ice Cream
Sour Cherry, Citrus Sabayon, Milk Crumble, Cocoa Powder

Friendly wait staff always helps to make a night more memorable and we had nothing bad to say about the service we received that night. A revisit is definitely on the cards!

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  1. The milk ice cream looks so tasty. And how pretty is the evergreen dish!