Wednesday, March 01, 2006

sweet savourings

The Patissier
18 Ann Siang Road, #01-01
Tel: 6220 5565
4 Mohd Sultan Road, #01-01
Tel: 6737 3369

I think I've fallen in love again. In recent months, I haven't had much cravings for sweets. I used to love desserts, cakes and all for tea but nothing's been tempting enough to make tastebuds tingle. Well then Sunday Times last week rescued the compartment of my stomach reserved for sweets only. It's been hungry for too long.

Managed to take a day off for me and D's 7th anniversary so I was telling him that we should go have a nice afternoon tea especially when we don't have many chances to relax on a weekday afternoon. So we chose The Patissier over the more commercial sounding Canele Patisserie (owned by Les Amis, you see). When we got to the Ann Siang Rd outlet around 4 plus, we found out it was just a bakery. Worse, there was only one piece of cake left. Even when the nice lady tried to call the Mohd Sultan outlet for us, we were told they were out too. GREAT! But ok, fortunately for us, she suddenly remembered that she did have some irregular sized Passion Fruit Meringue cake which ending up having.

Having our cake on a bench at Ann Siang Hill was a perfect way to enjoy it, even though we didn't have the tea which we planned for. The cakes were yum yum yum and I haven't had such good cakes in a long time. I wanted to take a nice pic before we started eating but of course, D said that I was a true foodie because I started eating before I took my pic. hehh..

Anyways, the Passion Fruit Meringue is their signature cake and it was what I went there for cos I love anything with passionfruit in it. The passionfruit meringue had that little tanginess which I loved. There was a generous amount of strawberries and mangoes layered in between and it was light. I am usually not a big of meringue but somehow, having thin layers in the cake gave it more texture. It's become my favourite of the moment so much so that I went out at 10am in the morning to get one whole cake for my Mum's bday. Guess I'm wasn't the only one in love with it cos coming from a family who usually dreads buying whole cakes, we finished it the whole 500g in a day!

We also tried the Red Bean Green Tea cake which was a pairing of red bean mousse on the top and green tea mousse on the bottom layer. Separating the 2 is a layer of green tea sponge. I liked the cake too cos red bean and green tea has always been a perfect pairing. It was one of the most delicate cakes I've eaten because of the subtle flavours from both ingredients.

Individual slices are priced reasonably but it seems like you're paying a lot if you purchase a whole cake. However, for the ingredients that The Patissier uses, and seeing how pretty and mouth-watering the cakes are, it's all worth it. To make sure you don't miss out, call to make a reservation cos this place sells out fast.


  1. Oh man... sounds damn good!! GOtta try it soon!!! Btw, the Galbiati Gourmet deli at The Rall Mall 400 upper Bukit Timah Road was not too bad. Me and my fren were lucky cos onli left a table for 2. Phew! The moment I stepped into the deli, I immediately felt like i was back in italy!!! haha... The SMELL of italy! The food's aint too bad... simple stuff but nice. :) Thot the deserts look good too but had no time to try cos my fren was rushing off. Y not u try it and let me know if they are good! :)

  2. Where did you find it? Interesting read » »