Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Leek & Onion Potato Gratin

I didn't succeed when I tried making this on my first try but after my mum bought this wonder cooking tool that bakes like an oven, it's managed to make this second try quite successful. I first got this recipe from one of the recipe magazines from Australia years ago although I can't remember which. I've made a few modications myself such as adding cheese and onions. Let me know how it turns out for you if you're giving this recipe a shot.

3 USA Potatoes, sliced ¼ inch
1 Leek, sliced thin diagonally using only the white and light green part
½ White or Yellow Onion, sliced thin
Cheddar or Mozzarella Cheese

Mixture 1
1 Tbsp Unsalted Butter, room temperature
1 Tbsp Fresh Garlic, chopped

Mixture 2
Heavy Cream
White Pepper
Nutmeg Powder

  • Layer the potatoes, leeks, onions, garlic butter (Mixture 1) and followed by the cream (Mixture 2). Keep alternating and make sure that the potatoes are lightly covered with the cream
  • Sprinkle the cheese randomly over the top when the potato layers are completed
  • Cover with an aluminium foil and bake in the oven for approx. 45 min to an hour at 175 degrees
  • Check whether the potatoes are cook periodically by using a satay stick
    When potatoes are soft enough for your liking, take the aluminium foil off to allow the cheese and leeks to brown


I was using half and half instead of heavy cream which I thought might be much healthier. I was worried that the liquid would make the potatoes too runny at the end but it managed to soak up quite nicely. However, if you like something more sinful but creamier and smoother, don’t compromise on the cream.

I didn’t really stick to the measurements on the seasoning of the cream. The above is just a rough estimate. I would recommend that you dip your finger in the cream just to see if it’s tasty enough. Also, make modifications if necessary. If you like more leeks, less leeks, no onions, more garlic it’s all up to you.


  1. Hey gal!

    I must say tt u are really getting more and more professional in ur presentation style! Very comprehensive! And so many more pics to see now! good job!! :)) just rem to take pics of the food b4 u start digging into them ya. heh heh :p Oh yah! Maybe next time can just take a pic of the restaurant oso... so we get a feel of the ambience. :)Oso easier to spot the place next time. :)Anyway, really well done! keep it up! I'm ur zhong1 shi2 fan si now man! ;)

  2. thank you thank you! I'm soooo touched...hahaa... Do I get a present from my first fan???

    Not I don't want to take pics lar but everytime I take out my cam, I feel a bit paiseh that's why. I'll try my best yah...=)

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  4. haha... you know how many food bloggers are there in sg or not?? line up until pulau ubin also still not my turn ah..