Sunday, April 02, 2006

my weekend thus far...

Started the weekend on Friday by trying my hand at one of my favourite dishes, Eggplant Parmegiana. Wasn't really that difficult to make but I would say a little time consuming cos you have to get the eggplant salted then leave it to stand plus fry and then bake... Luckily my mum and sis weren't THAT hungry so they could afford to wait. I'm not going to share the recipe as yet cos it didn't really turn out the way I exactly wanted it to. It was a little too salty and I guess my sauce wasn't right so I'll post again when it comes out good. Anyhow, my mum and sis managed to finish the whole thing, well almost. So I have to thank them for being so supportive..hahaa... It's not that small by the way if you see the below.

Before my Eggplant Parmegiana, D cooked some aglio olio with prosciutto, semi-dried tomatoes and olives. Not too bad I think just that we both agreed that we preferred coppa ham. Maybe the last time I had coppa with pasta, it was cut thicker. Somehow, prosciutto tastes better on pizzas like the one I had at Valentino's the last time. I loved the semi-dried tomatoes quite a lot though. It's juicier and more sour than the sun-dried ones.

Wanted to bring my relatives to the Margaret Drive chicken rice stall on Sat afternoon but then it was closed. Ended having some crappy food that is not even worth a mention. Dinner was nicely spent catching up with 2 close friends who D & I haven't met in over a month. The zhi char store at AMK was too crowded so ending up at another place at M's suggestion. The AMK place is really crazy. It serves good crabs yes, but the wait was just too long.

Then Sat came and gone. Went for nice porridge again this morning at Tiong Bahru, my all-time favourite. So here I am, waiting for my Dad to take us out to dinner. I'm hoping that it'd be good. At least it'd make my stomach happier cos it's hurting like mad now.

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