Tuesday, April 04, 2006

backing out for good.

Outback Steakhouse
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-99 to #01-101, #01-114 to#01-120
Time2 @ Millenia Walk
Tel: 6837 3242
Website: http://www.outback-sea.com/_sg/

My stomach was in a lousy mood yesterday. If you were reading my previous post, you would have guessed by now that I didn't enjoy my dinner at all. Well basically the family wanted to have steak. Although you could say that we were courting our own "death" by ending up at Outback, we weren't really willing to pay for Morton's on a casual Sunday evening. My mum would never agree to going to Morton's anyway unless my bro is back.

Dinner was basically just unpleasant from the beginning to the end. For starters, I was having a tummy ache (it wasn't the restaurant's fault). Then we made our orders and couldn't understand the waiter. When we asked him to repeat our choice of sides, he repeated them in the exact same way, same speed and all so I couldn't be bothered and just ordered whatever I could make out from what he was saying. Then the food came. The batter for the Bloomin' Onion was super salty and it was uncooked in some parts. Then, the buffalo wings that arrived after were pathetically small. So by then, everyone at the table was having the pissed off look already esp. my Dad. He was shaking his head and all that so that made things worse. Then the mains came, they were all more cooked than our usual liking, the beef was dry. My sister was visibly upset cos she's always quite particular about her meats; she likes them very bloody you see.

I would have written a comments card except for the fact that we couldn't find any. We tried telling the staff our comments on how unbearably salty the onions were but they went off and never came back!! I heard Outback's supposed to be ok in the US. Oh well, I guess we now know that that was my first and last visit to Outback, in S'pore at least.

P/S: So we all decided that we're going to Hog's Breath again. It serves quite decent Prime Ribs. Supposed to do a write up on that but haven't really got down to it. At least that was a happier moment that's worth sharing.


  1. u shldnt have gone for the steaks there. or the ribs or fish&chips of watever it is. they dont do it well there. esp steaks. usually tough, overcooked, period.

    u shld try out the mushrooms for appetisers. they have gd alice spring chicken for the main course. and chocolate thunder for desserts. its really good.

    oh btw. pasta aint tt great either. always a tad too dry

    just my two cents worth

  2. thanks! yah.. see well I was about to order the alice spring chicken but my dad wanted to share the lamb.. and then my mum wanted the mushrooms but my dad wanted the wings.. so I guess we all know why my dinner turned out the way it did.

    Maybe they shouldn't called the place a steakhouse yah..

  3. AND, AND!!!! they walk ard, pretending to offer good service, but they never seemed to notice our glasses were empty!!! im so pissed off.

    -little sooks