Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i am not a carnivore.

Black Angus Steakhouse
Orchard Parade Hotel
1 Tanglin Road #01-08
Telephone No : (65) 67341181

Frankly I have no idea what's up with my family. I've eaten at 3 different steakhouses in the past month. That's more times than I've ever eaten in like a year! I mean, the family enjoys having the occassional prime rib or sirloin yes, but never this zealous on looking for good meat. I guess it's cos we were just so unhappy at our last steak outing, we just had to make it up to ourselves. And make up, we did. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! There is really nothing much that I can complain about cos everything from the service to the food was fairly commendable.

I think the last time I went to Black Angus was roughly around 6 years ago with D. Honestly, I couldn't remember anything about the food. All I could recollect was that I was very uncomfortable throughout the dinner cos I wasn't used to the high booth seats and had to keep my back very straight while eating. Nothing has changed from 6 years although the seats are now so comfy that my mum was slouching in one corner and feeling very "at home" the whole time.

Food wise, I give it around 3 and a half stars. My order of the half pound prime rib was a nice medium rare, not overcooked (although my mum said that it looked like meat she bought fresh from the market). The garlic mash on the side was delicious and smooth and my side order of Caesar's salad was generous. We had the potato skins too. I much prefer Tony Roma's potato skins though cos the one at Black Angus has too much potato on it. Moreover, the bacon bits were missing. I have to give kudos to my sis cos she ordered the three quarter pound cut (works out to about 340 grams), had potato skins , 2 to 3 cups of iced tea and still walked out telling me that she's not stuffed. How she stays slim like she is, I have no idea.

The service throughout the evening was excellent. We were actually located at one corner of the restaurant but the service staff checked on us regularly to make sure everything was ok. They even chatted with us which made the friendly atmosphere cosier than it already was. Well actually my sis and her three quarter pound prime rib was the conversational piece of the night.

They're revamping their menus when the stock for US beef arrives at the end of April. US beef would definitely be better. By then, we'd be able to order a one pound cut for my sis. I'm also going to bring her for the 1kg challenge at Hog's Breath someday. Now you know who's the carnivore. Definitely not me.

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  1. what can i say, i'm pro. ;] and now, one pound's just plain stretching it. are u out of your mind?!

    -your darling sister