Friday, June 16, 2006

über-ly satisfying.

9 Raffles Boulevard, Time Square
# 01-06 to 10, Millenia Walk
Tel: 6837 0280

Seems like there's still a buzz over the $101 wagyu burger and the total number of $101 burgers they've sold to date is actually quite impressive. Seriously, I personally wouldn't pay to have that burger. It's so sad that the wagyu burger has to be minced up! But of course, if someone wants to give me a treat, it would cheer me up a little... heh.

I didn't think that burgers should cost so much. When Carl's Junior came along, I thought it was expensive although the portions are much bigger than the regular McDonald's burgers. At least Carl's Junior serves their burgers the way they should be; greasy and messy. As skeptical as I was about überburger, it actually turned out to be a pretty satisfying experience.

D had the überbockwurst sausage which I was thought was decently priced at $9.50. Bro had the chopped beef and pork loin burger whereas I had the übmonster colossal burger. We also had the steak tartare to share. Unfortunately, some of my pics got corrupted so I can't show much of it. The hotdog was actually quite good although it's technically not a burger. Bro thought his meat was a little tough cos of the pork that was added in the patty. Mine was huge as you can tell from the name but it was really yum! They gave this nice salad with very sweet mini radishes on the side.

steak tartare
The steak tartare was so-so. We thought they should have mixed everything up for us instead of leaving it to us. Compared to the steak tartare we had at some random cafe in Paris in the past, this version doesn't measure up. Somehow, I think the meat's not as fresh tasting cos of all the freezing from importing.

überbockwurst sausage

überlemonade and squished strawberries thick shake
I highly recommend that you try their thick shakes when you're there. Bro ordered the strawberry thick shake. It was so creamy and thick; so sinful but so good! They have lots of other flavours too which I think might be worth a try.

Overall, although their menu is too confusing to read and prices are not that friendly for the food you're getting, it's still a nice place to have a casual meal and catch-ups with old pals.

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