Tuesday, June 06, 2006

seoul-ful experience.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been pretty caught up and obsessed with certain things lately. Heh.. Anyways, I've uploaded pics from my Korean trip as promised. The experience I had there, not just food wise, was really memorable. Although I would say that I DID enjoy myself food wise especially on my last night in Seoul (Thanks to JK!), I feel like I haven't really experience their food culture to its fullest though. I mean, can't blame anyone cos I went on a tour package. Although I had my little bites, I missed a lot of other stuff like Soon DuBu Chigae, Naeng Myon, Chap Jae etc. There's so much stuff to try there so no points for guessing. I'm going back to Seoul again! As for when, I'm not sure yet but hopefully soon. *crosses fingers* This time on my own though so I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want.

I have to make special mention of the food I had in my last night in Seoul. We had too much fun at Lotte World so we didn't have dinner. Thank god for that cos otherwise I wouldn't have tasted Kamjatang! It's actually a soup that's boiled with the pork backbone so the soup turns out really sweet and tasty. Kamja refers to potatoes so obviously there are potatoes in the soup. Then they add chilli to add kick to the soup and some sort of pickled vegetables. After the soup and meat course was over, they put a bowl of rice in the same pot and stirred in kimchi and seawood. Mix it all together and leaving it to burn a little made the rice dish simply delicious! We were sitting on the flour with our legs crossed, sipping our soju, learning about Korean customs from JK and best of all, soaking in the Korean culture and atmosphere. I don't think we can get Kamjatang here though cos I've asked around so I guess to know what it tastes like, you'd have to make a trip to Seoul! I'm thinking of it again just looking at the pic.

So I had a lot more good foods along the way. Even tried the famous sulphur duck (ppl who have watched Da Chang Jin would probably know this)! I've put together a collage of some of the stuff I tried. Tell me if you might be making Korea your next holiday destination.


  1. wah... so much good food.. looks so yummy! my aunt just went to korea too... but she didn't take much food pics though. i guess not everyone's like us!

  2. Irritating envious..... >:S

    I WANNA GO ALSO!!!!!!

    Damn... Think I wan korean dinner tonight after looking at those pics...

  3. This is JK
    I visited You blog.
    But I don`t know how to surf...ㅜㅜ