Thursday, August 10, 2006

new additions.

There are 2 additions to my cook book shelf this week. Considering that I don't usually buy much of them, 2 is quite A LOT! But still... hopefully I'd be able to try something, make it yummy and delicious then feed it to my "book givers" someday.

To Ling. Thanks so much!! If I open an Italian restaurant someday, you'll be in my list of people to thank. That is IF I do open one...

To Chum. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I must say that the book's quite an interesting read. Even my mum enjoyed reading it and kept sharing with me her "foodie" stories from way back in her time.

I feel kinda inspired to write a cookbook although frankly, I don't know what's going to go in there. Maybe I'll document my mum's cooking recipes or maybe I should do a food guidebook although that's been done. Hmm...


  1. I have the Heritage one. Pretty fun read. Good buy.

  2. Where did you find it? Interesting read » »