Saturday, August 05, 2006

the new marketplace.

Chippy British Take Away
#B1-58, Raffles City Shopping Centre

The Fruity Juice Co.
#B1-57, Raffles City Shopping Centre

There's been quite a couple of write ups on the refurbishments done in the basement of Raffles City. Now known as The Raffles Marketplace, there are quite a number of food additions such as Kuriya Japanese, Din Tai Fung and the new Aerin's set up by the people at Whitebait and Kale. I think 8 Days did a whole article on the new basement in its recent issue.

Anyways, I've been frequenting the place quite a lot since I work close by. In the many times that I was there, I realised that the only stall that had people crowding around was Chippy. I know that Chippy has been around for some time at Far East Plaza but since when was it THAT popular?? It's not surprising though cos knowing how most Singaporeans react to novelty. There's just been too many cases where Singaporeans can rush for something but yet leave it high and dry suddenly thus forcing store owners to close down. If you look at the Bubble Tea craze and the Roti Boy craze, you'll understand what I mean.

So.. The novelty at Chippy is of course, their fried Mars bars. Apparently, fried Mars bars originated in Scotland and was chanced upon by 2 girls in Lancaster who eventually decided to start this in Singapore. I've also heard a bit about how good their cheese sausage is so I decided to try it a couple of days ago (I gave up my favourite Octopus Wow Tako for this!).

The food served at Chippy is seriously not for the faint-hearted. Just looking at the frying that was going on behind the counter was almost about to make my cholestrol levels go up and arteries clog. Frankly speaking, the cheese sausage was quite good. The skin of the sausage was mildly crunchy from the deep-frying. As I bit into it, there was cheese oozing out. It was juicy although I'm not sure if that was just oil from the frying. I hated the mash potatoes and the gravy though cos it felt like I was eating instant mash that came from powder. I felt so guilty eating the cheese sausage but felt a little better after seeing the lady next to me dig into her fried Mars bars with ice cream after finishing off the sausage and mash!!

I had to have something a little healthier to wash all the calories down so I picked up a bottle of Pineapple and Strawberries fruit juice from The Fruity Juice Co. Also set up by 2 ladies, it sells 100% freshly squeezed fruit juices. I really loved what I had cos it was so pure and refreshing. There was even Pineapple pulp (or fibre) at the bottom of the bottle. On top of that, I love its labels! Very pretty...

In general, the food offerings are quite different from what you can get at the other shopping centres. There are really quite a number of interesting eats such as Baguette & Little Fingers. For those who haven't been to The Raffles Marketplace, I recommend that you check it out real soon.


  1. After reading your blog, i went to check out " Chippy" on Wednesday and tried out their Fried Fish but was disappointed with the flavour. Its so ordinary and lack of the try again feel after eating it.

  2. I haven't tried the other stuff on the menu except for the sausage so thanks for telling me! =)

  3. I dont know what pale imitation of British Food this is supposed to be, I just tried it at the new Central mall and it was inedible - absolutely disgusting- do avoid this disaster kitchen!