Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the end to a hectic week

I'm glad that the week is finally OVER! 'Tis the season for weddings and I've attended 4 in the past week. I've been telling my friends that I'd eaten roast chicken with prawn crackers 3 times in 5 days and before I went for the 4th wedding dinner, I told them that if I saw roast chicken with prawn crackers one more time, I was gonna puke. Thank goodness that the 4th dinner had almost totally different food. There was still roast chicken but at least it was done with a cardamon jus minus the prawn crackers. Why does every restaurant serve the same thing?? Anyways, that's said and done. I have about a month from now to recover before I dive into eating roast chicken with prawn crackers at another wedding in December.

For the final wedding dinner of the week, I took a coach up to KL to attend a good friend's wedding. She's basically relocated to be with her hubby and they held their wedding at the Westin over the weekend. Although the service was pretty lousy that day (wine spilling and all), certain dishes were pretty decent. Maybe it's cos being different stood out for me. The cold dish platter had smoked salmon and mushroom vol-au-vents instead of the usual shrimp cocktail and jellyfish. Abalone was braised in a foie gras sauce and dessert was mango pudding with lime sherbet. Quite an interesting twist I must say. Then again, if I attended 4 weddings in KL, I may have experienced the same as in Singapore who knows!

What I was more excited about was actually breakfast (more like brunch actually) the next day. J had to take the early coach home so I couldn't bring her to my favourite breakfast place in KL. Whenever I'm up in KL, my family and I try to make a point to visit that coffeeshop. I've tried almost everything there and I dare say that they're all delicious. It was actually a bit depressing that morning cos I was alone and I could only order ONE thing. Usually when my family's there, the whole table will be filled with food. I couldn't decide initially but finally settled on the fishball noodles.

The special thing about this stall is that the fishballs are home made thus explaining the odd shape. It's also very pure so you get fish paste and not a majority of flour. In the soup with the fishballs is also home made lup cheong (chinese sausage) which is yummy but sinful. I love the noodles with the minced meat and black soya sauce. I can't find any shop in Singapore that serves their noodles as simple as that. The toss up was between this and the char kway teow which I love there as well. That would just have to wait 'til next time.

Greedy me thought that I might be hungry before I headed back home on the coach so I decided to 'da bao' some chee cheong fun with yong tau foo. In Malaysia, chee cheong fun is usually eaten with yong tau foo. The sauce that's served here is not the typical reddish sweet sauce type you get back home. Needless to say it was yummy and I loved that they still wrap it traditionally in newspapers.

The coffeeshop also has a small stall selling mini egg tarts which is a hit with customers. It's usually baked fresh and sells out fast cos people usually come by and buy in large quantities. I couldn't resist the flaky pastry egg tarts since I've been on this egg tart frenzy lately so I bought some to bring home.

One of the other stalls I missed out on was the goreng pisang stall. My mum loves the goreng pisang there. Not exactly the fried banana but they have this item where nian gao is sandwiched between a slice of sweet potato and yam. Absolutely heavenly when it's eaten hot. The sticky nian gao just gels everything together so well. Recently many stalls in Singapore have been adding lime to their sugar cane instead of lemon. Long before Singapore sugarcane sellers realised that lime made the drink taste better, I'd been having my lime sugarcane fix at the stall next to the coffeeshop. Not that it's anything special now but it just brings back memories for me.

My whole family's definitely coming along with me the next time I'm in KL. For sure.

P/S: This entry is dedicated specially to my dear brother... happy?? now now.. don't cry anymore..

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