Saturday, October 28, 2006

hong kong eats . day five

Before I left for HK, E recommended me this really great site to check out the good & bad eating places in HK. I found it pretty informative and it actually prompted me to try out a cafe which had everyone raving. The interesting thing about this was that all the raving was just over scrambled eggs.

So on my fifth and last day in HK, D & I hopped over to Jordan just to search for this bustling cafe called Australia Dairy Company (G/F, 47 Parkes St.). The place was pretty easy to find and when I got there, I got very excited. For a chachanteng, its size was pretty big and filled with people! People in HK move in and out pretty fast so we managed to get a seat almost as soon as we got there. Seeing that the waiters were speaking so fast, we didn't have much time to brood over what we wanted to eat so we just ordered the most popular item on the menu; their set meal.

For HKD 22, that's what we got. When the food came, D asked me what was so special about the food. I told him that it was the scrambled eggs. At that time, he said "it's just scrambled eggs what!" but after he took the first mouthful, he smiled and told me "yah, it's good". The macaroni soup was good but nothing spectacular I felt but the eggs and bread were so delicious even though they were so simple. The bread was thick and toasted to a light crisp on the outside but yet it was so soft inside. The eggs were smooth, creamy and buttery. I have a feeling they added evaporated milk but whatever it is, it was probably the best scrambled eggs I've ever tasted. I was glad that D was the one who was with me. If it was someone else, I won't be so sure that they'd be willing to travel just to eat scrambled eggs. Whatever it is though, the trip was well worth it.

The meal was around brunch time and filled us up quite a bit so we took the time to explore more of Kowloon side and eventually made our way to Sha Tin, a place famous for roast pigeons. This was one of those on my list of 'must-go' places. If you ask me what's the difference between roast goose, roast duck and roast pigeon, I probably won't be able to describe it except that pigeon has a more tender flesh. I love all 3 of them anyway. E recommended me to try Zun Zun but it was closed when we got there so we decided to give its neighbour a try since we had travelled so far to get our roast pigeon.

I don't know if it's just me but famous or not, almost everything I've eaten in HK has been delicious! Seems like that's the case whenever I visit HK. I'm saying this cos Zun Zun's neighbour served up a good meal as well. I don't know when I'll get to try Zun Zun so I don't know how MUCH better it is but this was good enough for me.

It was D's first time trying roast pigeon and I think he liked it a lot too. The other pic you see is of Curry Seafood Fried Rice which was pretty yummy too although it lost its charm when it turned cold afterwards.

I had to spent the night packing cos I was leaving the next morning. We didn't have much appetite for dinner since we had our lunch so late so we just decided to buy some sashimi and sushi back to the apartment as our supper. Everytime I visit HK, I'd be sure to stop of Sogo at Causeway Bay for some sashimi. Prices are lowered after 8.30pm just like in Singapore. There's more variety, it's cheaper, fresher and I love that they cut the slices so thick. My favourite is the aburi salmon sashimi topped with ikura. You can get toro too at a more afforable price compared to Singapore.

Time passes when you're having fun. Seems like I fulfilled a lot of my wishes on this trip. Being able to savour the good food and spending the time with D has been memorable. When will I visit HK again? I'm crossing my fingers now. Soon maybe...

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