Sunday, October 15, 2006

hong kong eats . day four

It was day four of my Hong Kong trip. Woke up slightly earlier than usual today cos I was complaining that we weren't getting up early enough to have breakfast before lunch. Usually, by the time we get ready to leave the apartment and all, we'd be in time for brunch. Somehow, that wasn't too good for me cos technically some simple mathematics made me realise that I was missing out on one meal a day and since I was going to be in HK for 5 mornings, that would have worked out to a lot of "lost" breakfasts. Very calculative I know. I had already lost 2 and I didn't want to lose out on more so we brushed our teeth, got dressed and left for breakkie.

I was whining about not having my favourite instant noodles with luncheon meat and egg so D brought me to his regular dinner haunt for breakfast. Weird I know but they serve food all round the clock. In the end, it was D who ordered my favourite and I decided to have the instant noodles with pork chop since D told me he liked the pork chop rice they served. The pork chop was very tasty but I should have just gone with my favourite. Nothing to describe here anyways. How special can instant noodles taste? I had my Yin Yeong too so breakfast ended up giving me a whole lot of satisfaction.

Went back to the apartment to freshen up and did a little bit of shopping in the Wan Chai area. D and I had a nice plan for lunch that day and I was really excited about it. I'd probably dedicate another post about lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed lunch and have much to say about the place so I think another entry on this is what it deserves.

After lunch, D & I made our way down to Sai Kung, a place that's famous of seafood. Apparently, some stalls are frequented very often by HK stars. Probably cos there's a TVB station nearby as well. It was a small district and we had to take a mini bus to get there. I liked the place though cos I found it very charming. Along the banks of the sea, there were fishermen selling their daily catch. There were also many people walking their dogs. The dogs were so cute and attracted lots of attention from passers-by.

Although I didn't have seafood for dinner, I ended up having late tea at Honeymoon Desserts (Shop A,B,C, No. 10 Po Tung Rd., Sai Kung) ; a famous dessert stall that started its days in Sai Kung. Apparently, Honeymoon Desserts became so popular because many HK stars used to frequent the stall. Fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of their idol would also visit Honeymoon. With their help, Honeymoon was able to expand their business and now have many outlets throughout HK.

I was recommended by E to try their Mango Pomelo dessert. I had also found out that they were famous for their durian desserts like durian and cream pancakes. It was interesting to see the durian-eating customers isolated in another shop cos some people just cannot bear the smell. Anyhow, I ended up having Mango Pomelo Beancurd dessert and D had the Tang Yuan in Black Sesame Cream. Both turned out ok but we agreed that we still preferred Hang Fa Lau and Hui Lau Shan.

After exploring the town a bit more and waiting for the rain to stop, we made our way back to Hong Kong Island just in time for dinner. When D first reached HK, he told me that he wanted to have some pasta after eating too much of Chinese food. So I consulted HK Foodie and found a very interesting recommendation on Te (1/F, 37 Cochrane St., Central - Intersection of Lyndhurst Terrace & Mid-Levels Escalator). Apparently, Te started from Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. Being from Japan, the pasta they serve isn't the typical Italian kind. I told D about this place, he decided to try it and then raved about it. So even though I was in HK, the land of Chinese food, I had to give this Te a try.

I made my order of the Mentaiko Pasta which I've never had and didn't regret having. The sauce was creamy and smooth. It was really simple; just pasta, cream and mentaiko but the flavours blended so well together that you wouldn't have need anything more. Regretfully, I didn't try the herb teas that they're known for. Whatever it is, Te left me with a good and lasting impression. Might want to go to some Japanese Italian cafe in Singapore now to see if they match up. A little bit of comparison won't harm I guess...

After the very satisfying meal that left a lingering taste in my mouth, D dragged me to Krispy Kreme's (51 Elgin St., SoHo) for some dessert. He kept going on about how we didn't have them for tea and all so I relented when he requested that we have it when he saw the new outlet in SoHo. THAT was a MAJOR mistake because it threw out whatever lightness I felt from my simple mentaiko pasta dinner. In fact, it left me with blocked arteries and hundreds of calories. I like the simple sugar coated one usually but I shouldn't have been adventurous to try those with caramel cos it's super super sweet! It's probably not a 'night' food as well. I figure it would taste much better when you need that sugar rush to wake you up from a sleepy afternoon.

Speaking of which though, I think Singapore should have Krispy Kreme's too. Afterall, I think many Singaporeans love it looking at the boxes of doughnuts carried home from the US. Whether it will do well once it's on our shores and is no longer a novelty is another story altogether.

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  1. wow, HK food, i love em! i esp like the black sesame cream. it looks so creamy and delish! cant help that i've got a sweet tooth *winks*