Monday, October 09, 2006

hong kong eats . day three

Day 3 started with a little damper. The skies were dark when D & I got out of the apartment. Some rain came along but thank goodness we managed to settle ourselves into a dim sum restaurant before that happened.

I cannot remember the name of the restaurant where we had our typical HK dimsum. I only know that it was in a building in Wanchai and was just next to the HK Convention Centre. To be honest, the dimsum was practically as unmemorable as its name. It wasn't bad or anything; it was just merely normal. Nothing spectacular although I have to commend the prawn Cheong Fun cos it's was the most different and tastiest of the lot. Instead of just prawns in it like how we're used to, there was a layer of fried beancurd skin wrapping the prawns. Definitely added a lot more texture than just having prawns alone.

Maybe I should have tried the dim sum at Maxim's or Superstar. I have this thing for dimsum pushcarts with ladies shouting, "Lo Mai Kai, Cha Siew Bao, Har Kow, Siew Maiii...". I couldn't get up early enough for dim sum on other days and even if I did, there were too many other things to eat so I never got there. Just have to wait til next time on that.

After brunch, we hung out around Wanchai and Causeway Bay for a bit. Did some shopping then decided to make our way to Ladies' Street in Mongkok. I've always travelled the MTR when I visit HK but this time, D suggested to we take the ferry over to Kowloon for a different experience and so we did. The view was pretty although it was a really misty after the light shower we had in the morning.

More eating. The moment we reached the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry terminal, D suggested some Hui Lau Shan for tea. This was my chance to have the curry fishballs which I was dying to have 2 days before. He barred me from ordering it before bcos it didn't go well with our mango desserts but oh well, he made up for it!

This is one thing I never fail to have when I'm in HK. D doesn't really fancy the taste of HK-styled curry and much prefers the conventional Indian curry but he's just missing out in my opinion! It's got fishballs, radish, cuttlefish and dried pig's skin in there. Why do I love it? Simply cos it's delicous...

After we did some very important shopping at Ladies' Street, I brought D to Che Zai Min located on Soy Street, an intersection at Ladies' Street, to try the famous fried Chu Qian Yi Ding with chicken wings. I wrote about this place in one of my first few entries. Had a gut feeling that D would like it cos he has always loved Hong Kong noodles and this tastes like it. He ended up loving the fried tofu even more though cos of the special dipping sauce that came along with it.

Finally ended the day with some yummy Haagen Daas ice cream. I'm not sure if this is sold in Singapore yet but we had the summer berries ice cream coated with dark chocolate on a stick. Reminded me of the times when D and I went crazy over the Haagen Daas strawberry ice cream coated with white chocolate in Hawaii. Singapore had that flavour for awhile but somehow disappeared from the shops one day which was pretty disappointing.

Finally ended the long day we had to get some rest back at the apartment. All the walking was killing my legs but at the same time, it was good for the eating that I was doing. I'm just so good at making excuses for myself isn't it??


  1. I'm reading and salivating at the same time about your posts on Hong Kong dim sum!

  2. same here. drools! the pics so appealing manz.