Sunday, October 08, 2006

hong kong eats . day two

Armed with a trusty map, I started the day exploring the streets of Hong Kong on my own whilst D was hard at work. Took a train from Wan Chai to Central and had to literally climb hills (yes, HK is a very hilly place) to search for Tai Cheong Bakery (G/F, 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central). Along the way, I went into little streets looking at aunties buying their supply of seafood and fresh pork. Quite an interesting sight although that's besides the point.

Although I've been to HK twice before, I've never made the effort to try this place out. Apparently, Tai Cheong became really famous because the ex-governor of HK loved the egg tarts there. With the long lines (so I heard!), batches of egg tarts were sold at one go thus allowing the shop to always have warm egg tarts to be sold. Ling is also a big fan and kept telling me to try it just before I left.

When I got there, I didn't see a line at all but true enough, the egg tarts were still warm when I bought them. Couldn't resist the temptation of the soft yellow custard so I decided to sit in one little corner to savour the little dessert. I was really really impressed just after the first bite. The pastry was crumbly and buttery. Almost like a very soft biscuit. The custard was soft, rich and warm. It went so perfectly well with the pastry. Bought 3 of it but ended up only having one cos I gave the other 2 to D for tea. I'm filled with regret now so I'm making D bring a dozen egg tarts back. My diet will just have to be put on hold for awhile.

After exploring more of Central and observing the working crowd who made me very inspired to work in HK, I met D for lunch at Can.teen, a food court run by the large F & B group, Maxim's. Besides the food court, they've got Chinese restaurants, cake shops etc. It's basically one of the most successful F & B groups in HK. Ended up having a very boring but delicious roast meat rice. D had some sausage in his and I ended up stealing a couple of pieces from him cos it was very yummy!

After lunch, I proceeded to do what HK's also known for... GREAT shopping!! Basically the commercial is all true. It's shopping and eating, shopping and eat when you get to HK. Spent most of the day around Causeway Bay cos D & I made arrangements to have dinner at Yung Kee that night. My legs ended up so tired that they were screaming for rest near the end of the afternoon so I made my way for some dessert at Hang Fa Lau Desserts (G/F, 57 Lee Garden Road, Causeway Bay). The last time I visited HK, I had one of the best Mango & Pomelo desserts I've ever tried at Hang Fa Lau. This time though, cos I was having way too much mango-ish stuff, decided to go for the traditional Almond Cream which turned out good as well. Actually desserts in HK can't really go wrong cos that's what they're famous for. I love their desserts and in fact, had planned to try 4 different dessert shops this time. This was the 2nd so two down, two more to go. I was making a lot of progress for the 2nd day.

Dinner only started at 9pm that day. Yung Kee (32-40 Wellington Street, Central) was full and only had a table available at 9 which turned out to be a blessing in disguise cos D only finished work at 8.30pm. Yung Kee's famous for its succulent roast goose; an absolute must-try if you're there. I've heard that Tsuen Wan is also famous for roast goose but it was too far out for me to travel there.

Dinner was delicious that night with the addition of the tofu dish which D loved so much and the scallops with brocolli. Although the roast goose still tasted good, it was somewhat of a letdown compared to the previous times we were there cos the skin wasn't as crispy. The dinner didn't come cheap though at about HKD500 for 2 of us but I guess Yung Kee's the place for that plate of delicious roast goose when you want it.

The end of day two. I was left with weary legs and a very full tummy but raring to go for day number three.

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