Tuesday, May 08, 2007

fruits. my favourites

For some weird reason, I'm suddenly in the mood to write.

Dad returned from Thailand a couple of days back and brought tons of food home with him. I practically felt like I was in Thailand last week. The thing is, he was travelling alone so I still cannot figure out how he managed to bring the whole lot of food back although I'm not surprised he did. To give you an idea, for 3 people, we could afford to have 2 dinners and be stuffed at the end of each one. There were Thai sausages, fish cakes, fried papaya salads and a whole lot. I thought the best part though, were the fruits he brought home.

I'm a huge fruit lover especially of tropical fruits. Despite the many things that we don't see eye to eye on, when it comes to food, Dad and I are very much on the same page. We both have the same liking for the type of noodles that goes into our laksa. We are also big on fruits; we could just have fruits for dinner. Dad usually keeps me in mind when he buys his favourite duku langsat. Same goes for mangosteens. This time, Dad brought a whole lot of mangosteens back from Bangkok and they were the best that I've eaten in a long while. The flesh was white, sweet and juicy. Usually when we buy the ones in Singapore, we often get a few bad ones unlike the Thai ones.

Dad also brought back my favourite Thai pomelo. In Thailand, they peel off all the skin for sale so I usually have no problems clearing almost half a pomelo in one sitting. Sis is away so there's no one to fight with me over it. I miss her but at least there was more for me this time. Heh.


  1. i like this picture and i LOVVVVVVVE mangosteens as well! :)

  2. you know im good competition. muahahahah... I CAN EAT ONE WHOLE POMELO!!! I HAVE BEFORE!!!! I WANT TO NOW!!!

    see you in japan. ;]