Saturday, May 19, 2007

lunch @ sun with moon

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café
501 Orchard Road #03-15/16/17

Wheelock Place

Tel: 6733 6636

I'm in love with set lunches at the moment. And especially with the set lunches at Sun with Moon. D and I went there last Sat. If I visited Sun with Moon, it'd always be for dinner. This was a first for lunch and I really was pleasantly surprised that lunch was such a good deal! The menu was pretty extensive I think and I had such a hard time deciding on my lunch choice.

Finally settled on having the Chirashi (can't remember the exact name) and it was so pretty, I almost couldn't bear to eat it. It actually is a really simple dish. All that's needed is fresh sashimi and fresh sashimi they delivered. I'd have to say that I really enjoyed this although I couldn't finish all of the rice cos the set came with another bowl of udon. In short, it was simply fresh and delicious.

Sun with Moon is particularly famous for their kamemashis and without fail, I'd always order one during our visit. I pretty much like the meat-based ones but D always finds them too heavy so this time, he gave the crab kamemashi a try. Honestly, whilst waiting for my food to arrive, I kept picking at his cos the kamemashi was so tasty and addictive. The crab really gave a sweetness to the rice and made it so tasty. It was also pretty light so I pretty much didn't know how much I was eating. My spoon just kept going for it!

Sun with Moon's definitely a must to visit especially during lunch time. Delicious and pretty-looking food at value-for-money prices. I'll definitely be back to give the other set lunches a try. Especially want to try the 8-course menu. Wonder what that would be like...

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