Sunday, November 16, 2008

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I woke up this morning craving for a big breakfast. Actually, I was thinking of more of a big Aussie breakfast.

I always find the continental breakfast selections in SG a little limited. It could be that I don't get out enough for breakfasts since I'm always either at work during the weekdays or I'm spending weekend family time having hawker favourites. In SG, I find PS Café to be reminiscent of the Aussie breakfasts but still it doesn't hit the exact spot. These pics will show you just exactly what I'm talking about.

Top left: The Full Monty
Top right: Pesto Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon & Avocado
Bottom left: Pea & Bacon Soup with Ham & Cheese Toasties
Bottom right: French Toast with Bananas and Bacon

Melbourne's streets are filled with cafés and it's not difficult to find a good one. Al fresco dining helps too cos I can always take peeks at what people are eating. We had this breakfast at one of the more crowded cafés around the St. Kilda's Beach area, of which the name I cannot remember. Nonetheless, the food was excellent. Just what I needed to jumpstart my day at that time as it was quite cold that morning.

The Full Monty (also known as the big breakfast) had all the works but it was usual fare. I thought the Pesto Scrambled Eggs was an interesting idea cos pesto conventionally is used with pasta. The combination of the smoked salmon and fresh avocado really worked well together too. The other interesting thing we ordered was the French Toast with Bananas and Bacon. It was for me; the one who couldn't decide between savoury or sweet. It was really good too. Who knew that bacon, bananas and maple syrup could pair up so nicely? I thought however, that the winner here was the Pea and Bacon Soup. From the first day I arrived in Melbourne, I had been craving for some of that thick creamy soup to warm myself up. I found the exact antidote for my craving at morning. I could have done with more of the ham and cheese toasties on the side though cos everyone tried to get those from me!

This post is making me hungry. It's past lunch and I'm still thinking about what I could have had this morning. Whatever it is, just don't forget to hit the local cafés to get a taste of the Aussie breakfast if you visit Melbourne or any other parts of Australia. Breakfasts may never be the same again after you've had some.


  1. hey you didnt take a picture of my breakfast! my poor eggs ben.. hahaa. eggs ben is a classic, CLASSIC brekkie. dun forget. yum.

  2. I did! Just couldn't fit all the pictures in that's all..

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