Saturday, November 01, 2008

shin yeh . the new kid on the block

Shin Yeh Restaurant
177 River Valley Road
#02-19 Liang Court Shopping Center
Tel: 65 6338 7337

It's always nice to see some place new and fresh in the food industry.

Shin Yeh, a joint venture between Singapore's very own Tung Lok Group and Taipei-based Shin Yeh which opened its doors earlier this month specialises in Taiwanese cuisine. I personally find Shin Yeh a welcomed addition to the Singapore food scene because I doubt that many are familiar with Taiwanese cuisine due to a lack of local presence.

I thought the food was pretty delicious. They have a rather extensive menu, ranging from the expensive delicacies such as shark's fin to "dressed-up" street food such as popiah. We opted to try mostly the house specialities that night. The steamed pork with salted egg yolk and the roasted mullet roe really stood out for me. The salt from both dishes really went well with a bowl of sweet potato porridge. The oyster omelette sans starch was rather commendable as well.

Shin Yeh will be starting their supper service pretty soon. For those who enjoy having the Taiwanese porridge late night buffet at some hotels will find that they have a new alternative dining place to feed their tummies. I expect to see quite a number of Taiwanese dining there since there aren't many Taiwanese restaurants in town (none of the same standard I believe). Whether the dishes are authentic or not, I have no idea. I just know that I'd be back to sample more of Shin Yeh's best very soon.

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