Wednesday, October 22, 2008

australia eats. chocolate cafés

Lindt Chocolat Café
104 - 105 Cockle Bay Wharf

Darling Harbour

Sydney, Australia

Tel: 612 9267 8064


Max Brenner

Shop 2187 Level 2 Westfield

159-175 Church Street

Parramatta NSW 2150

Sydney, Australia

Tel: 61 2 9635 7566


Darling Harbour is a part of Sydney's city landscape which I like very much. Somehow or rather, just being there; whether I am looking at the clear waters or watching the people go by, makes me feel very peaceful and happy.

During my visit to Sydney about 2 months back, I was back at Darling Harbour and found myself sitting at Lindt Chocolat Café. Surely many are familiar with the world famous brand of chocolate but I believe this café concept for Lindt in Sydney is a first in the world. Seems like chocolate cafés thrive in Australia having seen successes in Max Brenner and Guylian.

D & I spent close to 2 hours sitting around enjoying the hot chocolates we ordered. I'm not usually a huge chocolate fan but I must say that I was won over by the richness & the smoothness of the chocolate. That being said, the cold weather did really help to make the hot chocolate so much more comforting than it already was.

I really liked how the hot chocolate was served to our table as well. It was sort of a DIY hot chocolate; we were given an empty cup, a cup of melted chocolate and a little jug of hot steamed milk. We could decide how much chocolate or milk we wanted to put and how rich we wanted it to taste which suited me really well.

It was quite a different story at Max Brenner. Firstly, they didn't have as beautiful a location as Lindt at the Darling Harbour. However, there was a whole lot more of variety in their chocolate beverages. They also had quite a number of nice desserts such as waffles as compared to the more classic cakes served at Lindt. I had the nice hot white chocolate beverage with crunchy chocolate wafer balls called 'Choco-Pops'. It was really nice and comforting but a tad sweet and milky just because it was white chocolate that was in it; not any fault of theirs.

If one is looking for that DIY factor similar to what you get at Lindt, Max Brenner has one called 'Suckao'. The 'suckao' is actually a utensil that is designed as a stirrer and a straw for sipping the chocolate all up. Rather interesting and worth a try in my opinion just for novelty's sake. Taste aside, I especially love the mugs they use to put their regular hot chocolate in. Known as 'hug mugs', they're meant to be held in the palms of both hands, almost like hugging the mugs. They retail these mugs in their shop and I think they make fantastic gifts for friends.

That's about it from me here. I'm not going to start going into details about how good the quality of the chocolates are. To be honest, I really don't know how to differentiate between good and better chocolate because I'm not really a chocolate connoisseur to begin with. All I know is when I'm back in Sydney, I won't be missing out on return visits to both cafés.


  1. If you like coffee, you should try Cappuccino at Max Brenner aswell...They spash lots of chocolate sauce on top and serve it in their special Kangaroo cup...I like !

    PS I like hug mug also :)

  2. i dun think they call them chocopops.. it's waffle balls. thought seriously just tasted like tiny biscuit bits. yum.

    yeh i had the cappucino from there before too, it's a veyr interesting concept from Max himself. have yet to try lindt properly tho.. hm.

    not bad! is this the start to the sydney eats series? i hope...!

  3. chocopops is the name of the drink, not the wafer balls babes...

    yes yes.. i hope to get to the aussie treats eventually. =)