Wednesday, October 01, 2008

jamie oliver's Pass It On movement.

I really enjoy Jamie Oliver's recipes. His programmes are always a joy to watch just cos he always presents his food in such a casual way that makes cooking easy and fun. I also admire his efforts in making a difference to people's lives through food; setting up the Fifteen Foundation to help disadvantaged youngsters such as the homeless, unemployed and those suffering from alcoholism and drug problems so that they may build successful careers in the kitchen.

He has always made it his mission to make sure that people eat right. One example was when he started going into schools to attempt to change the food that kids ate so that they'd stop eating all the junk and processed foods. Honestly, I was thrown off when I saw that schools in Britain were providing all that processed and unhealthy food to kids at such a tender age. I think Singaporean parents will flip if their children were fed that way in school.

Jamie Oliver is now embarking on a new project called the Pass It On movement. It works like the 'pay it forward' concept. Basically, this is to inspire people to get started on cooking and making food from scratch. After one has learnt a recipe, the idea is to pass it on and teach 2 other people to prepare the same dish. If it works, it should create a ripple effect. Theoretically, it should work but it really is tough work to get people started. Nonetheless, I hope that Jamie O's hard work to make a difference will pay off eventually.

Since I've been trying to spend more time in the kitchen and hope to share more recipes here on my blog, I've signed up for this movement and I hope you all will too. You may register at I may not be doing this in the same way as how Jamie Oliver had designed it but at least, I'm doing my little bit. So, let's all join in for the cause. Who knows, you might discover your talent in the kitchen.

Have fun you all!

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