Monday, November 01, 2010

birthday at quay.

Overseas Passenger Terminal
The Rocks, Sydney
Tel: 612 9251 5600

I still have a ton of pictures to edit and loads of writing to get down to with the amount of eating that I've been doing recently but I figured I better post this up first since it's already a couple of months overdue. Also, since I'm going to a special place for dinner tonight in celebration of the sister's birthday (expect another blog post coming up soon), I figured I should at least post about the special lunch which she arranged for me on my birthday when I first got in to Sydney.

 Petits Fours
Quay is currently one of Sydney's highest acclaimed restaurant and voted as Australian's best, coming in at number 27 on the San Pallegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants List. Its location is probably one of the best to offer in Sydney with full views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. In the day, the sight is lovely with the blue skies and clear waters and at night, it transforms to a beautiful and romantic setting with Sydney's evening landscape. I reckon it would be most beautiful during sunset. 

The settings are right but most importantly, the food that is presented to the table is what counts. Was I impressed with the food? I guess so, to a certain extent as there were some dishes that I enjoyed more than others. My favourite dish out of the whole meal was the Gentle Braise of Pearl Oyster, Southern Rock Lobster and Shaved Squid. I also enjoyed the Quail Breast, the Blackmore Wagyu Fillet and the most talked about, Guava Snow Egg. The other dishes were good too and it's hard to fault the technique and skill that went behind the creation of each course. I could go on about the details of each course but I've chosen not to bore you (yes, you) and just show the beautifully presented dishes instead. Drop me a note if you'd like to know more and I'll try to answer if I have it.

 Amuse Bouche

 Smoked Eel & Sea Scallop Pearl, Horseradish

Salad of Pink Turnips & Breakfast Radishes, Violets,
Olives, Pine Resin, Balsamico

Gentle Braise of Pearl Oyster, Southern Rock Lobster,
Shaved Squid, Tapioca, Lettuce Heart, Oyster Cream, Pea Flowers

Butter Poached Coturnix Quail Breast, Chestnuts, Truffle,
Bitter Chocolate Black Pudding, Milk Skin, Walnuts

Poached Blackmore Wagyu Fillet, Tasmanian Wasabi, Morels

Slow Braised Berkshire Pig Jowl, Maltose Crackling, Prunes,
Cauliflower Cream, perfumed with Prune Kernel Oil

Guava Snow Egg

Preserved Wild Cherry Compote, Coconut Cream,
Chuao Chocolate Crumble, Milk Meringue Crystals

I guess that if there was one thing that I would fault about Quay, I'd have to say that I was let down by the impersonal service. The staff at Quay are undoubtedly professional and well trained but I found them to lack the personal touch which I value greatly.

If you're looking for a special place to have a meal with a special someone for a special occasion, look no further. Quay's probably the place you're looking for.


  1. what a lovely meal.

    happy birthday, sook yan!

  2. hahaa.. my birthday is just a couple days apart from yours actually. so now you know how overdue this post actually is.

    btw, erm.. it's sook yoon. heh. thanks for the belated bday wish anyway!

  3. Everything looks too pretty to eat them :)

  4. Is it a rip off at $210 or is it worth it?

  5. I think it was definitely worth the experience especially for a first visit.