Sunday, July 29, 2012

masterchef pop-up!

Yup, in case you're wondering. I do watch Masterchef. Although I don't follow the series religiously and there are bits about it that I don't particularly fancy, it's hard for me to stay away from it since it's Australia's biggest reality cooking competition on TV (and plus I pretty much watch whatever reality cooking competitions I lay my hands on). I won't say I'm a huge fan but I do have my favourite contestants - people who I've felt are worthy winners. And my all time favourite is season 2 winner, Adam Liaw. So when the Masterchef pop up came along, I thought it would be a great idea to sample his food since it didn't seem like his restaurant was going to open anytime soon. And since Da knew who knew Adam Liaw (because of the Masterchef phenomenon that had swept through Asia), she decided to join in for the novelty of the pop-up experience during her one week visit.

I'd have to admit that I was slightly disappointed to know that Adam Liaw wasn't going to be cooking (Keystone Catering was in charge of this) and neither were we eating only dishes of his and Chef Martin Boetz of Longrain fame. Nonetheless, I thought it was an interesting concept for the menu to be designed with dishes that some prominent contestants cooked during their challenges alongside some that were designed by established restaurant chefs. I personally felt that there were some hits and (near) misses throughout the dinner. Hayden's Lobster Bisque was tasty and pleasant, Adam's dish had a nice concept but I felt it needed a sauce of some sorts and Michael's dish of the Ravioli did not seem popular with Da. I did however, enjoy Justin North's Pork dish and loved Julie Goodwin's Passionfruit Tart.

Bread Assortment

Lobster Bisque with Scallops
Hayden Quinn, Series 3

Confit Pork Belly and Scallops with Crackling and Chilli Coriander Salsa
Adam Liaw, Series 2

Goats Cheese Tortellini with Beetroot
Michael Weldon, Series 3

 Seared Duck Breast with Aigre-Douce Sauce
Justine Schofield, Series 1

 Roast Rump of Pork with Crackling, Potato Puree, Buttered Cabbage and Charcuterie Jus
Justin North

 Passionfruit Puddle Pie
Julie Goodwin, Series 1

 Foreground: Cheese Platter
Background (right): Caramelised Pumpkin Cake
Kate Bracks, Series 3

Although the food did not knock us off our seats, it was an enjoyable evening peppered with interesting conversations, witty banters and hearty laughters at our table. It's absolutely true that it's not always what you eat but who you eat with that matters (provided the food is palatable of course)! So......

To Da & Nel - come back and visit soon. You both are missed muchly!

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