Thursday, August 23, 2012

goodbye pier.

Pier Restaurant (closed)
594 New South Head Road
Rose Bay, NSW 2029

It's with a very heavy heart that I'm writing this entry. As the words are being typed, Pier would have closed its doors for good. One could be positive and celebrate all the good years it's had, the wonderful plates they served. But I'm sad because Pier is one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney and a place which holds special memories for me.

I first visited on 21 Nov 2010 with R and I fondly remember the wonderful dishes we had (and the 3 desserts). The second was with the family last year when they visited and I knew everyone (including 'hard-to-please' dad) loved the place. This time, I returned to say goodbye. This is my first ever entry on Pier and I guess, it would be my last too. I'm not going to write a review on the dishes that I had this time because there really is not much point to it. But I'd like to state it for the record that I've never been disappointed with any dish I've had at Pier. This meal wasn't any different. If I had to call out favourites, it would have been the Sesame Ponzu Tuna and the Confit Ocean Trout because the flavour combinations on those plates were just wonderful and the seafood was perfectly cooked. Their signature souffles have never failed to impress as well. Hopefully these pictures will be a reminder of the good memories for times ahead.

 Cones of Kingfish, Tuna and Ocean Trout

 Sesame Ponzu Tuna
wasabi, spring onion, ginger tapioca

 Seared Calamari
chick pea, cauliflower, sherry vinegar

 Confit Ocean Trout
beetroot, pomegranate, pickled onion, radish

 Crispy Skinned Snapper
carrot fondant, roasted mushrooms, rosemary aioli

 Strawberry & Guava Souffle
strawberry sauce, strawberry creme

 Lemon & White Chocolate Whip
ricotta, olive oil, teacake, yoghurt

Goodbye. You will be missed.

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