Thursday, December 15, 2005

oodles of noodles

Miharu Sapporo Ramen
76 Robertson Quay, #01-11
The Gallery Hotel
Tel: 6733 8464

Read the review of Joone's for this place. Actually got to read about it in some magazine as well and after trying some great ramen at this stall at Cuppage Plaza, Dar and I were craving for more. This was actually despite hearing some not so excellent things about it. Not that smart for someone who goes round sniffing for good food isn't it. But still, it was worth a shot since it's supposed to be some franchise from Japan.

I have say one fab thing about this place first. I love its location. Ok, it's not the most convenient but I'm saying this cos I went to Miharu on a Friday night and it wasn't crowded or noisy. Maybe it's cos no one knows much of this place yet or maybe it's cos ppl don't like the food and they're not coming back? Whatever it is, I like the non-crowd existence feature of the place.

As for the food, I'll have to say I can't give 2 thumbs up for it. The good thing about the ramen though is that the noodles are cooked well. They're not soggy and still has the 'Q' texture (Can't find any other word to use). Can someone please tell all the fake-o ramen shops to stop serving ramen that looks like spaghetti? That's not real ramen! After eating such ramen from Ajisen and Ramen Ten, I started turning to and loving udon, somen and all. Just not ramen anymore.

Don't know how to describe it but the soup tastes different from other places I've tried. Think it's the Shoyu they use. I liked my Tokusen Miso Ramen better than Dar's Syo-yu Ramen although, Dar obviously thinks his choice is better than mine. Have to caution those who have a low tolerance for salt though. The soup gets saltier and saltier after each spoonful. It can become unbearable halfway through. Keep lotsa water beside you during the meal.

Prices are reasonable at about $12 a bowl. May go back again but it won't be the first Ramen stop I'd think of. Much prefer the stall at Cuppage Plaza. Just can't remember the name for that place...

P/S: I took some pics on my mobile but it refuses to send them to my e-mail and so... I need to get that 2 megapix camera phone I was thinking of getting over the weekend... Til then, just use your imagination.

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