Wednesday, December 28, 2005

the week past.

Triple 3, The Buffet Restaurant
Meritus Mandarin Singapore
333 Orchard Road
Tel: 6831 6271/88

Hinode Japanese Restaurant
50 Stadium Boulevard #01-02
The Oasis
Tel: 6345 2113


Too many things have happened the past week. First, I went crazy pre-christmas bcos of presents, second, my bro got detained in the US (that's a long story), and third, I ate soooo much that I don't even know where to start. Oh! and yes... I finally got the cam phone I wanted so I will FINALLY post pics!

I'm still waiting for the Meritus Mandarin Triple 3 buffet pics to come from Ling. It's nothing much anyway cos we were too busy stuffing our faces and catching up so we only took like one shot of the desserts. This makes us sound super kiasu but we ate so much that when we left, we kept going on about how full we were. But anyhow, it was a real treat cos courtesy of Ling, Ed and his sister, we managed to have the scrumptious buffet at a 50% discount! There were some good stuff like the seared tuna with honey mustard and the famous chicken rice. Liked the green tea mousse also but some others were so so. I couldn't eat most things anyway cos I was too full by then. And so, I had 2 buffets last weekend which made me super full even on when I got back to work on Monday.

I had some sort of break but by the end of the week, I started feasting and ended up at a Japanese buffet restaurant at Kallang Oasis. The restaurant's called Hinode and I say that they serve up some pretty decent food. Other than the noodles that failed miserably, some of the stuff Dar and I had were pretty good. The grilled squid and saba shioyaki deserve special mention because they were cooked so well that the squid was still soft and the fish moist. I've tried buffets at 2 other places and they both do not serve grilled squid and their saba is always dry and miserably sized. I would have liked the sashimi to be sliced a bit thicker but nonetheless, it was fresh. Menu is not as extensive as other places but I think it's good enough. Definitely worth a try.

Had my 4th buffet within 1 and a half weeks on Boxing Day. Had some pretty good stuff like fresh prawns, lobster bisque, bone-in ham etc but after this, I am NOT going to have buffets for a long time. Thinking of buffets now make me sick. It's hard to imagine what New Year's will be like. Anyways, just to show you my first serving from the buffet. I was too lazy to take more during the meal.

Got lots more to update but I think I'll save it for another entry. Til then. =)


  1. That's a nice dish. Hope your bro is okay now. Season's greetings.

  2. Thanks. Bro spent the past 4 days on the road and in the air trying to get home. He's on the way but still has some distance to cover. He's safe. =)

  3. Best regards from NY! » » »