Friday, December 30, 2005

food, fun and friendship.

I had so much fun on Boxing Day catching up with old pals. It's actually amazing that us polka dotties have known each other since 17 - 18 years back, lost contact in between when we were growing up and yet still have endless things to talk about when we got reunited. To whoever is the one who initiated the reunion, I am thankful.

So.. everyone got to contribute a little that day. My mum made Shepard's Pie, I made a tomato and onion salad, Wen got busy in the kitchen by preparing rich and pure mushroom soup, fried calamari and Dida made a roast leg of lamb. Oh.. and Ama got the drinks for us =). We ended up having a feast that night and even had to walk round the estate for one hour before plonking ourselves down to watch 'Project Runway' and doing the dreaded dishes during commercials.

I have to give special mention to Dida's roast lamb because it was pretty much the STAR of the night! It was really quite delicious and it smelt great cos of the lemons and rosemary. So I'm saying it here now. DIDA makes good roast lambs. Drop me a comment if you think it looks delicious k.

This meal marked the end of my Christmas feasting but guess what, New Year's is just about to start.

Update: Dida posted a much more appealing picture of their roast lamb on their blog. They're right though, all you can do is look and drool. Click here or here.

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