Tuesday, July 25, 2006

some randomness.

Met up with my oldest pals from school over the weekend. It was nice catching up again. Everytime we meet, we talk about the past and also of course, the present. Ama never fails to surprise me with things that I somehow have left behind in the past. Sometimes I'm glad that I forgot them cos they're super embarassing but at the end, I guess it gives everyone a good laugh so it's all good. So on that "tea" Sunday, I met with a friend whom I haven't seen in 7 years and welcomed home a pal who's back for good. Best part is... she brought home a piece of Perth which I miss dearly.


I remember the old days where my friends and I would sit at Tiamo's to chat. I'll be the one digging into this yummy dessert. Good news now is I have THE recipe thanks to Liz! Thanks babes.. Liz's version was really sweet, yummy and sinful. Maybe after I try making it and I'm successful, I'll post the recipe up.

On another note out of nowhere, the snack corner in the office is growing as more people go for holidays. See.. there's sort of this unspoken practice that people buy food back from wherever they travel to. Since we're either usually too busy to eat or too busy minding our weight, the snack "collection" has been growing exponentially! However, there's this recent addition which I think is a hit with my corner buddies. GREEN TEA KIT KAT! Apparently, it can only be bought in Japan. I don't usually like much chocolate stuff cos it makes my throat feel queasy after eating but this... I like...

So anyways, that's about the randomness I have at the moment. Til next time...


  1. Dear fellow food bloggers,

    It's been a year (almost) since the last food bloggers' gathering. I'm trying to organise another meal for the food bloggers on the 26th August, Saturday, 7.30pm, venue to be confirmed.

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  2. Heyhey, cld u plzplzplz post the pudding recipe?! Can't wait to try making it!