Sunday, July 02, 2006

thai with a twist.

Patara Thai
163 Tanglin Road
#03-14 Tanglin Mall
Tel : 6737 0818

I remember the first time I ate at Patara Thai. That was during my internship almost 3 years ago. I remembered the good food and yummy dessert spread. However, what really stayed deep etched in my mind was the price I had to pay at that time. Think the set lunch set me back $20+ to 30 or something like that. Price doesn't sound that bad right? Wrong. I was only earning a meagre $500 at that time. Eating that $20 lunch and others in the same week almost reduced me to eating kaya toast for lunch! But gladly... I survived. This time, thanks to my gal pal Xin, I managed to taste the good food at Patara again! It turned out to be a great experience. Food's still good and in fact, a little better than I remembered. Company was great and best of all, I get to go back again next time cos D ended up loving the food!

So anyways, I think we ordered something like 9 to 10 dishes or something. Other than the veg dish which I think was pretty normal, I think the rest deserve some credit. The food served is somewhere along the lines of Modern Thai so a lot of emphasis is placed on presentation. Just to share some of my favourites from the dinner below. Although this place is a little on the pricey side, I think Patara Thai is worth a try.

Thai Pomelo Salad with Smoked Salmon
This dish is pretty special cos you don't see smoked salmon served with Pomelo salads in typical Thai restaurants. Despite it being out of the traditional mould of Thai cuisine, the combination was actually applaudable. It looked really good when it arrived at the table and needless to say, tasted good as well.

Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings
I think everyone should be pretty familiar with this dish. It's usually a family favourite I would think. I loved this version cos the meat stuffing was yummy and generous.

Thai Yellow Fish Curry
This dish looked too good to be eaten. The presentation style made the dish look all the more appetising. However, I didn't have much of this so I can't recall how good it tasted. The only thing I remember is that that the curry was quite smooth and lemak.

Thai Olive Rice
This is the dish that is going to bring me back to Patara cos D loved it. After we left the restaurant, he kept going on about how the rice tasted soooo good with the lethal chilli padi. Oh... lucky me...

Afternotes: I forgot to mention the dessert buffet! The dessert buffet at Patara is a must-try! It boasts a huge variety of familiar Thai desserts such as the steamed tapioca, glutinous rice with mangoes, red rubies in coconut, pumpkin kueh and so on. Make sure you leave space in your tummy for the after-meal sweets.


  1. Hey, if you like the food at Patara, you should get yourself a HSBC card. They always have tie-ups with HSBC. This year alone, I've received 1-4-1 vouchers twice and once they had 25% discount promotion as well.