Monday, December 04, 2006

a taste of hong kong at home.

Hong Kong Tea House
Katong Village #01-09/10
Tel: 6345 1932
Opening Hours: 24 hours

A colleague of mine who migrated from Hong Kong after marriage still cannot totally get used to all of Singapore's cuisine although she's been here for around 3 years already. The recent sprouting of Hong Kong cafes has done her good cos there is always now places where she can go when she misses home. Sadly though, most of these Hong Kong cafes (according to her) are not very authentic and this disappoints her greatly.

Well, she found one pretty good one within the blocks at Marine Parade some time ago but then, she chanced upon Hong Kong Tea House recently. Since I'm writing about it here now, it's pretty obvious that the food here met her standards and she wanted to share this new discovery. I took her recommendation and ended up having a late dinner there one night.

Authenticity I guess, is not for me to judge here since I'm not from HK. Taste wise though, it was one of the better tasting Stir-fried Beef Hor Funs that I've tried. The noodles were cooked with enough heat, it was tasty and also had a generous amount of beef. Definitely a recommended dish to try while you're there.

Apparently Singapore Fried Bee Hoon was something that was invented in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong version is cooked with curry powder. Although D thought differently from me, I thought that this version was pretty enjoyable. D didn't really like it cos he couldn't get used to the curry taste, plus he's not that hyped up about HK's curry usually anyways. He was complaining that it was too dry too but I thought the noodles were fried well, in that it wasn't overly moist or clumpy. A check with E confirmed that this is how it's served in HK.

Authenticity we now have and the best part is, it can satisfy that craving for a piece of HK at any time of the day. Prices are reasonable too so this place definitely deserves a recommendation in my books.

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