Wednesday, January 31, 2007

astons specialties . a good steak

Astons Specialties
119 East Coast Road
Tel: 6247 7857

I'm avoiding Astons. Yup, you read it right. I've been saying 'NO' to D's relentless requests for Astons. It's not that I think Astons is no good. On the contrary, I'm a huge huge fan of the steaks there. The only reason I'm avoiding Astons FOR NOW is ST ran an article on mid-priced steak places on a Sunday about 2 weeks ago. They rated Astons as tops which of course, was a fantastic thing cos good food is meant to be shared. In doing that though, the crowd has come in, and even when I drove past on a weekday night past 9, there were still hoards of people trying to get their share of meat which wasn't the case before the article was published! So anyhow, either I visit at some odd hour or wait til the crowd has satisfied its curiousity. Unless of course D forces me into it.

Anyways, I'm not blaming ST. They were right on this one. Astons is great. It's reasonably priced, the meat quality far exceeds the price you pay for its steaks and it's also cooked perfectly. Getting a steak to be served doesn't mean just slapping it on the grill; a lot of skill is actually needed to get it evenly cooked on both sides but still retain the moisture within.

The cheapest steak you'd get there is the sirloin for $9.90 and the priciest being the wagyu beef at $38.90 which I think is pretty reasonable for the quality of the beef you're getting. Plus, you get 2 sides with each steak order and so far, my favourites are the bbq baked beans and onion rings.

I've tried the Rib Eye and the New York Strip and personally, I prefer the latter although both were delicious and cooked perfectly. For the price you pay, you'd never imagine getting steak with the thickness you get at Astons. Imagine this, you can actually specify whether you want your steak well done or medium rare for a fraction of the price you pay at other steak houses. Best part is, you get what you ask for. I was a happy camper when I saw the redness I wanted in my steak. Perfect.

Hopefully I'd get to try the wagyu beef the next time I'm there. Frankly, Astons deserves all the attention it's getting especially with quality food at quality prices. It's definitely far better than some other supposed "steakhouses" I've visited. Those bad experiences I never want to have again. *shudder*


  1. I'm an Aston's fan too. Your steak pics look really good. Just one day before the ST review, I waited for nearly an hour in the queue. Can't imagine the situation now. Let's hope that Aston will expand to a bigger unit with the same price and quality!

  2. Thanks!

    You'd probably have to go during the odd hours like 3pm for lunch or 9pm for dinner. Otherwise, you could learn from my colleague and order a takeaway which is totally unadvisable cos it'd turn cold and medium rare could become medium by the time u get home.

    Colleagues have told me that the wait isn't that long though. At the end of the day, it all boils down to whether the wait's worth it, isn't it?

    Speaking of waiting, I wonder whether the long 3 hour wait at The Donut Factory is really worth it??

  3. can u please save up for a "silverado"??? u have.....3 1/2 mths

  4. what's silverado? u mean the restaurant in VA?

  5. no...its the chloe bag...hahah

  6. Second time I read about Aston in a blog. But I wld want to avoid the queue this moment.

  7. Yeah, the queue at Donut Factory puts me off and never fails to puzzle me. 1 1/2 hrs for donuts is simply nuts. I would love to try some when the queue thins.

  8. I wouldn't mind waiting 1 1/2 hour for a donut though...